Monday, July 15, 2019

St. Petersburg

Now, this will be a collection of pictures Charlotte has sent us.  They are not allowed to take ballet pictures, but you will get to see St. Petersburg!  Her program is a well-balanced mix of dance, information, and cultural activities.

Hier ist nun eine Sammlung von Fotos, die uns Charlotte geschickt hat.  Sie darf keine Ballettfotos machen, aber hier kann man St. Petersburg sehen!  Ihr Ballettkurs bietet eine gute Mischung von Tanz, Informationen und kulturellen Aktivitäten an.  

This is part of her daily walk to the Academy from her dorm.
Charlotte geht hier täglich entlang, um zur Ballettakademie zu kommen.

Part of the academy
Teil der Akademie

Hermitage Museum
Eremitage Museum

Leonardo da Vinci



Mikhailovsky Theatre

Orthodox church
Orthodoxe Kirche

Anichkov Bridge

Pretty flowers
Schöne Blumen

Palace Square and the Alexander Column
Palastplatz mit Alexandersäule

Mikhailovsky Palace

Street vendor

Church of the Savior on Blood

Charlotte and other dancers
Charlotte und andere Tänzer


Mariinsky costume shop
Marrinski Kostümladen

Custom made pointe shoes
Angefertigte Spitzentanzschuhe

Kryukov Canal
Kryukov Kanal

More street vendors: Look at that American nesting doll!
Weitere Straßenverkäufer: Bitte die amerikanische Puppe in der Puppe beachten!

Roman Catholic Church of St. Catherine: This is where she goes to church on Sundays.
Katholische Kirche St. Katharina: Hier geht Charlotte sonntags zur Kirche. 

Charlotte among fellow dancers
Charlotte unter anderen Teilnehmern

Russian cat: It does look different.
Russische Katze: Sie sieht schon anders aus.


  1. Mensch was für tolle Bilder, ich glaube Charlotte hat viel Spaß und macht jede Menge neuer Erfahrungen in Russland.

    1. Ich glaube auch, daß es ihr gefällt. Sie hat nur ihr Handy, kann so also nicht viel schreiben und telefonieren geht auch nicht, aber bisher haben wir nichts Negatives gehört.

  2. What an incredibly beautiful city . . and the churches are exquisite . . as are the paintings in the Hermitage! Has she been enjoying the classes and the instruction? Has she been too busy to be homesick, or does she miss home just a little? :) I think my favorite photos were of the costume shop.

    1. Many people say it is the most beautiful city in Russia. I did not know that the Hermitage is the second largest art museum of the world.

      I think she has been enjoying everything. She cannot write much, she just has her cell phone and there is not internet in all the rooms. We have not talked to her on the phone. She did write once she missed us, but it did not sound like she was really homesick. She has not said much about the classes, I think we will hear all about it next week. All in all, she seems to be happy and very busy :). If she felt awful, she would have let us known.

  3. That's wonderful! I'm sure you will all enjoy hearing about her classes and adventures!!

    1. She sent me some interesting observations about the style of ballet teaching the other day. It is all in German, but she has noticed good and bad things about the "Russian Way," too much to write here on the blog. When I get a bit of time, I will send you an e-mail.

    2. Fun! Yes, if you ever find a moment, I would love to hear :)

    3. I'll do that. This weekend we have to get Miriam to the airport. She is doing a summer college program in NH. On Monday, we have to pick up Charlotte! We have been so busy this summer and there is always a child that is gone. This is a new experience for us.


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