High School (Waldorf and Catholic Inspired)

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22 to 26 credits

Grade 9:

Blocks:  (ca. 40 weeks) 

  1. History: Revolutions: Live Education!: Revolutionaries and Romantics, Kovacs: The Age of Revolution: Ch. 17-34, Novel: Scarlet Pimpernel  (3 weeks
  2. Biology: Anatomy and Physiology: Kovacs: Muscles and Bones: Ch. 17-48, DVD: Biology 101: Disc C: Mankind 1 and 2, Common Sense Press: Discovering the Human Body and Senses: 24 lessons  (5 weeks)
  3. English: Short Story: Live Education!: Short Story  "Traditions in the Short Story": America Reads: Traditions in Literature, Common Sense Press: The Gold Book: American Literature, Center for Lit: Teaching the Classics, Teaching the Classics Syllabus  (4 weeks)
  4. Earth Science/Geography: GeologyThe Great Courses: The Nature of Earth: An Introduction to Geology: 36 lectures, MODG Earth Science Syllabus or Common Sense Press: Discovering Earth's Landforms and Surface Features  (4 weeks, continue during regular science time when doing Module 6 in Apologia Physical Science)  
  5. Art History: BBC: Sister Wendy's Story of Painting (10 episodes), Seton: Art Through Faith, Walch: Short Lessons in Art History: 27 artists, Short Lessons in Art History (Activities)  (4 weeks, then once weekly), The Story of Mankind: Chapter: "The Arts" van Loon
  6. Chemistry: Organic: Basement Workshop: Carbon Chemistry: 11 chapters  (4 weeks)
  7. English: History of Drama (Comedy and Tragedy): 1 Tragedy: "Antigone"; Memoria Press: Three Theban PlaysThe Great Courses: Greek Tragedy: 1-4, 12; 1 Comedy: Simply Charlotte Mason: "Twelfth Night"Movie Twelfth Night or Memoria Press: "As You Like It"Movie; The Great Courses: Great Authors of the Western Literary Tradition, Prof. Weinstein, first edition, Part 4, lecture 8; 1 Modern Play ("Our Town" or "The Romancers" both are in America Reads: Traditions in Literature  ), Our Town movie, Theory: America Reads: Traditions in Literature: "Modern Drama;" "Introduction to Drama": Anthology (out of print): Adventures in Appreciation (Cardinal Newman Edition)  (4 weeks)
  8. Mathematics: Counting and Probability: The Great Courses: Fundamentals of Math (Lectures 20, 21, 23), TOPS Probability: 28 ch., BBC: The Story of Maths 1 (4 weeks, continue during math time)
  9. English: The Novel: America Reads: Traditions in Literature/Common Sense Press: The Gold Book: American LiteratureThe Pearl (John Steinbeck), Steinbeck: The Great Courses: Classics of American Literature (Lecture # 70); The Old Man and the Sea, Movie The Old Man and the Sea (4 weeks)
  10. Physics: Thermodynamics: DVD: Physics 101: Disc A: 1; Disc B: 7, 8, 9; TOPS Heat: 20 topics, Tiner: The World of Physics: Ch. 6  (4 weeks)
Year Long:
Grade 10:

Blocks: (ca. 40 weeks)

  1. History: Ancient: Van Loon: The Story of Mankind (ch. 1-2), The Great Courses: The Other Side of History, Professor Noggin's Ancient History Card Game  (5 weeks)
  2. Earth Science/Geography: Oceanography:  MODG Earth Science Syllabus, Common Sense Press: Discovering the Ocean, Professor Noggin's card game  (4 weeks)
  3. Physics: Mechanics/Kinematics: TOPS: Machines (16 lessons), Physics 101: Disc C: 13-16, TOPS: Motion (1-26 or 36), The World of Physics: Ch. 1-4  (4 weeks, continue during science time)
  4. English: History of Language: Book: Sumer Is Icumen In, Videos, choose from: The Adventure of English, BBC/PBS: The Story of English; Book: The Story of English in 100 Words, Book: The Journey of English, Book: The Mother Tongue, Basement Workshop: Excavating English (4 weeks) 
  5. English: PoetryReader: Voices: Poetry and Art From Around the World, Choose either Basement Workshop: Speak Like Rain or CHC: The Secret Code of Poetry  (4 weeks and finish during the year)  
  6. Biology: Embryology/Cells: Good and Beautiful: Maturation and Reproduction, Biology 101: Disc C, D, Basement Workshop: Cells  (4 weeks)
  7. Chemistry: Salts, acids, basesTOPS Analysis: 16 chapters  (3 weeks)
  8. Mathematics: TOPS: Math Lab: 20 tasks, BBC: The Story of Maths 2  (4 weeks)
  9. Earth Science/Geography: Cartography: World Physical Geography, Book with projects: Charting the World  (3 weeks)
  10. History: Live Ed!Early American: Natives, Colonists, Revolutionaries (4 weeks)
Year Long:

Grade 11:


  1. English: ShakespeareHillsdale: Hamlet and The Tempest and Memoria Press Hamlet  (4 weeks)
  2. English: Parzival: The Legend of Parzival, Parsifal, Wagner: "Parsifal"  (4 weeks)
  3. Music: HistoryAlfred's Great Music and Musicians  or start The History of Music of Classical Music (4 weeks)
  4. Chemistry: Atomic: Basement Workshop: The Elements, Common Sense Press: Discovering Atoms, Molecules, and Matter, DVD: Chemistry 101: Discs A, B  (4 weeks)
  5. Biology: Botany: DVD: Biology 101: Disc A, Basement Workshop: Botany in 8 LessonsHome Schooler's Resources, TOPS: Corn and Beans 
  6. Earth Science/Geography: Meteorology: MODG Earth Science Syllabus, World Physical Geography, Apologia: Physical Science: Module 7, 8, Cloud Mobile Kit,  
  7. Mathematics: TOPS: Graphing: 20 tasks, BBC: Story of Maths 3 (4 weeks)
  8. Physics: ElectricityTOPS Electricity: 36 tasks, DVD: Physics 101: Disc C: 10-12, The World of Physics: Ch. 10 (Electricity), Ch. 11 (Magnetism), Ch. 12 (Electromagnetism)  (4 weeks)
  9. History: Middle Ages: Mills: The Book of the Middle Ages or van Loon's The Story of Mankind (ch. 27-38)
  10. History: Renaissance: Mills: Renaissance and Reformation Times or van Loon's The Story of Mankind (ch. 39-53)

Year Long:

Grade 12:


  1. Biology: Zoology & Evolution: DVD: Biology 101: Disc B, C, Taxonomy of Living ThingsTOPS Animal Survival 
  2. Physics: Optics/Experimental Design: The World of Physics: Ch. 9: Light, DVD: Physics 101: Disc A, TOPS Light: 1-36
  3. Chemistry: Finish DVD: Chemistry 101
  4. Art History of Architecture: Picture books by Elizabeth Mann, Young People's Story of Architecture (Helen Butterfield), Story of Buildings, Child's History of Art-Architecture, Wild Buildings and Bridges, 100 Most Beautiful Cathedrals of the World, The Great Courses: World's Greatest Structures, Frank Lloyd Wright Paper Models, CubicFun
  5. Earth Science: AstronomyMODG Earth Science Syllabus, TOPS: Pi in the SkyCommon Sense Press: The World of Space, The Universe: Season 1, Brother Astronomer
  6. Philosophy: Philosophy, The Philosophy BookWorldview Detective, The Consequences of Ideas, A Young Person's Guide to Philosophy
  7. English: Transcendentalism: Teaching Company: Emerson, Thoreau, and the Transcendentalist Movement, Transcendentalism Unit
  8. Math: TOPS: Far Out Math, BBC: Story of Maths 4
  9. Economics: Hillsdale Economics 101, Cathy Duffy Recommendation, Practical Finance: The Complete Guide to Personal Finance for Teenagers and College Students Revised 2nd Edition with Workbook on Companion CD or Money Matters for Teens and/or Suviving Math Skills
  10. Government: Hillsdale: Intro to the Constitution, DVD: Understanding Government: The Three Branches of Government, Constitution Quest Game, Suggestions Cathy Duffy, Constitution USA with Peter Sagal, Workbook: Our Constitution, Your Citizenship 

Year Long:

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