High School (Waldorf and Catholic Inspired)

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22 to 26 credits

Grade 9:

Blocks:  (36 weeks) 
  1. English: Literary Analysis: Teaching the ClassicsTeaching the Classics Syllabus  (6 weeks): During summer break before grade 9, English from the Roots Up 1 and 2
  2. History: Revolutions: Live Education!: Revolutionaries and Romantics, The Age of Revolution, Scarlet Pimpernel (4 weeks)
  3. Physics: Thermodynamics: Physics 101, TOPS Heat, The World of Physics, High School Physics, Secrets of the Universe  (4 weeks)
  4. Art History: Teaching History Through Art, Sister Wendy's Story of Painting, Art Through Faith, Ever Ancient Ever New 1, The Arts  (4 weeks), up to 1700
  5. Biology: Anatomy and Physiology/Introduction to Biology, Monera, Protista, Fungi: Apologia Biology (Modules 1, 2, 3, 4), Biology 101 (4 weeks)
  6. English: Short Story: Short Story  "Traditions in the Short Story": Traditions in Literature (4 weeks)
  7. Chemistry: Organic: Apologia Biology (Module 5), Chemistry 101High School Chemistry,  Lehrbuch der phänomenologischen Chemie, Band 1 (4 weeks)
  8. Mathematics: Counting and Probability: The Great Courses: Fundamentals of Math (Lectures 20, 21, 23), TOPS Probability, Basic Math, Jamie York: 9th Grade Student Workbook, Joy of Mathematics  (4 weeks)
  9. English: History of Drama (Comedy and Tragedy): 1 Tragedy ("Antigone"), 1 Comedy ("Twelfth Night"), 1 Modern Play ("Draußen vor der Tür") and/or (Twelve Angry Men) Traditions in Literature: "Modern Drama," "Introduction to Drama": Adventures in Appreciation (Cardinal Newman Edition), Drama (4 weeks)
  10. Earth Science: Geology: The Great Courses: The Nature of Earth: An Introduction to Geology, MODG Earth Science Syllabus, TOPS Rocks and Minerals  (4 weeks)  
  11. Math: Descriptive Geometry: Advanced Common Core Math Explorations Measurement and Polygons, Jamie York Lesson Plans, Understanding GeometryJoy of Mathematics
  12. English: The Novel: Traditions in Literature: "The Novel": The Pearl (John Steinbeck), Master and Man (Leo Tolstoy), and Hillsdale Online: The Young Jane Austen  (Summer break after grade 9)
  13. Projects/Internships: Library work, living-history museum volunteer, church volunteer

Year Long:

Grade 10:

Blocks: (36 weeks)
  1. English: Composition: The Elegant Essay  (4 weeks)
  2. Earth Science: Oceanography:  MODG Earth Science Syllabus, Our Oceans: Experiments and Activities in Marine Sciences  (4 weeks)
  3. Physics: Mechanics/Kinematics: TOPS: Machines, Physics 101, TOPS: Motion, High School Physics, Secrets of the Universe,   (4 weeks)
  4. English: History of Language: Sumer Is Icumen In, The Adventure of English, The Story of English, The Story of English in 100 Words, The Journey of English  (4 weeks) 
  5. English: Poetry: Grammar of PoetryVoices: Poetry and Art From Around the World (4 weeks)  
  6. Biology: Embryology, Cell Biology: Biology 101, Apologia Biology (Modules 6, 7, 8), Home Schooler's Resources  (4 weeks)
  7. Chemistry: Salts, acids, bases: Apologia Biolgoy (Module 10), Water, Acids, and BasesTOPS Analysis, Chemistry 101, High School Chemistry, Lehrbuch der phänomenologischen Chemie, Band 2   (4 weeks)
  8. Math: Greek Geometry: Jamie York Lessons Plans, Understanding GeometryJoy of Mathematics 
  9. Earth Science/Geography: Cartography: World Physical Geography  (3 weeks)
  10. Art History: Teaching History Through ArtSister Wendy's Story of PaintingArt Through Faith, Ever Ancient Ever New 2, The Arts  (4 weeks), up to 1700-present  (3 weeks)
  11. Math: Sequence and Series: Jamie York: 10th Grade Student Workbook, Schaum's Outline College Algebra, Cliffs Math Review for Standardized Tests
  12. Projects/Internships: Library work, living-history museum volunteer, church volunteer

Year Long:

Grade 11:

  1. English: Composition/Shakespeare: Wordsmith Craftsman, Hillsdale: Hamlet and The Tempest or Seton Honors Shakespeare or OLVS Shakespeare
  2. English: Literary Analysis: Windows to the World
  3. Music: Discovering Music
  4. Physics: Electricity/Magnetism: TOPS Electricity, TOPS Magnetism, The World of PhysicsPhysics 101, High School Physics, Secrets of the Universe 
  5. Chemistry: Atomic: Chemistry 101, High School ChemistryLehrbuch der phänomenologischen Chemie, Band 2  
  6. Biology: Botany: Biology 101Apologia Biology (Modules 11, 12, 13), Home Schooler's Resources
  7. Earth Science: Meteorology: MODG Earth Science Syllabus, World Physical Geography 
  8. Math: Descartes/Coordinate Geometry: Jamie York Lesson Plans, Understanding GeometryJoy of Mathematics 
  9. Math:Trigonometry: TrigonometryJoy of Mathematics  (3 weeks)
  10. Economics (1/2) Unit: MODG, Survival Math Skills

Year Long:

Grade 12:

  1. Biology: Zoology & Evolution: Biology 101Apologia Biology (Modules 9, 14, 15, 16)Home Schooler's Resources
  2. Physics: Optics/Experimental Design: The World of PhysicsPhysics 101, High School Physics, TOPS Light, Secrets of the Universe
  3. Chemistry: Biochemistry: High School ChemistryChemistry 101 Lehrbuch der phänomenologischen Chemie, Band 2, Lehrbuch der phänomenologischen Chemie, Band 3 
  4. Art History of Architecture: Picture books by Elizabeth Mann, Young People's Story of ArchitectureStory of Buildings, Child's History of Art-Architecture, Wild Buildings and Bridges, 100 Most Beautiful Cathedrals of the World
  5. Earth Science: Astronomy: MODG Earth Science Syllabus 
  6. Philosophy: How the Catholic Church Built Civilization, Philosophy, Philosophy for Kids, Philosophy for Teens, How Should We Then Live
  7. English: Research Paper: Writing Research Papers
  8. English: Transcendentalism: Emerson, Thoreau, and the Transcendentalist Movement
  9. Math: Joy of Mathematics, Far Out Math
  10. Math: Practical Finance: The Complete Guide to Personal Finance for Teenagers and College Students Revised 2nd Edition with Workbook on Companion CD
  11. Civics: Participation in government: Thinkwell: American Government or Civics in America (Calvert) or MODG Government or OLVS CivicsDoing the Right Thing, Understanding Government: The Three Branches of Government (use some resources year long)
  12. Projects/Internships: Library work, living-history museum volunteer, church volunteer, driver's license

Year Long:

Miscellaneous (Helpful Resources):

Dramen analysieren und interpretieren
Epische Texte analysieren und interpretieren
Gedichte analysieren und interpretieren
Interpretation Epik - Drama - Lyrik
Deutsche Literaturgeschichte
Deutsch Kompakt: Literaturgeschichte
Gattungen: Epik, Dramatik und Lyrik
Essay, Rede, Brief
Erörtern 9./10. Klasse
Gedichtanalyse 9./10. Klasse
Gedichtanalyse Oberstufe
Verfassen eines Essays Oberstufe
Materialgestütztes Schreiben
Deutsch Diktat 5.-10. Klasse
Rechtschreibung 5.-10. Klasse
Aufsatz 9.-10. Klasse
Grammatik und Stil 7./8. Klasse
Abschreiben erwünscht 9./10. Klasse
Schiller. Kafka
Dem Zeitgeist auf der Spur
Lachen und Weinen
Sternstunden der deutschen Literatur
Faust lesen
Kunst und Dichtung im Spannungsfeld von Apollo und Dionysos

Great Authors of the Western Literary Tradition
The Legend of Parzival
Parsifal and the Search for the Grail

Earth Science for Waldorf Schools
Das lebendige Wesen der Erde

All Saints: Daily Reflections on Saints, Prophets, and Witnesses for Our Time

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