Health/Manners/Character/Life Skills

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Summer Fun (Kindergarten)
The Sunshine School (Grade 1)
A Journey to Health Land (Grade 2)
Proper Manners and Health Habits (Grade 3)
The Child's Day (Grade 4)
Fire Safety (Grade 4)
Health for the Glory of God (Grade 5)
Community Hygiene (Grades 5 and 6)
Health 5 for Young Catholics (Grade 6)
12 Tips for Staying Safe (Grade 4-6)
Community Hygiene (Grade 5 and 6)
Galen and the Gateway to Medicine (Grade 6)
Health 6 for Young Catholics (Grade 7)
Muscles and Bones (Grades 7 and 8)
A Handbook of Health (Grade 8)  (free online)
God's Will for My Body (Grade 8)
Mankind Marvelously Made (Grade 8)
Concepts and Challenges in Life Science (Grade 8)
Mother's Little Helper (Age 9-18)
Listen, Son (Age 9-19)
Quoist, Michel. With Love, Ann Marie: Letters for Growing Up. (Girls, age 14 and up)
All Things Girl: Truth for Teens (High school)
All Things Girl: Friends, Fashion, and Faith (High school)

Total Health (High School) Total Health Lessons Plans


Storytime with the Millers (Grade 2)
Wisdom and the Millers (Grade 3)
Missionary Stories with the Millers (Grade 4)
Prudence and the Millers (Grade 5)
School Days with the Millers (Grade 6)
Growing with the Millers (Grade 7)
Character Companion for the Miller Family Series (Grade 8)

Life Skills/Home Economics

Life Skills for Kids
Lessons in Responsibility for Girls (Grade 1 and up)
Little Women Hospitality Program (Age 10 and up)
Experiences in Homemaking (Grade 8 and 9)

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