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Ideas for Religion:
Mercy for Marthas

Religion Series:

Kindheitslegenden (ab 7 Jahren)
Mein Jesus, ich habe Dich lieb (Schwester M. Paula) (8-10 Jahre)
The Life of Our Lord  (Charles Dickens) (ages 9-12)
Königskind und Hirtenkind (10-12 Jahre)
A Life of Our Lord for Children (ages 8-14)
Christ Legends (Selma Lagerlöf)  (ages 8-12 or older)
Jesus 2000: Was von der Botschaft bleibt (Klasse 10-12), English original: Jesus, Then and Now (high school), Jesus, Then and Now videos

Bible History/Church History
Golden Children's Bible  (Grade 3)
Child's Bible Story (Knecht)  (Grade 4)
Bible Story (George Johnson, M. Dominica)  New edition St. Augustine Academy Press  (Grade 5)
Bible History (George Johnson, M. Dominica)  (Grades 6 and 7)
The Story of the Church (Grades 7 and up)  (George Johnson, M. Dominica)

My Book of the Church's Year

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