Thursday, July 4, 2019

Nerve Tumours UK: Free Information Day

There will be a free information day on NF 1 in Carlisle, UK.  Having a child with NF 1, I signed up for the newsletters and excellent information available through the Nerve Tumours UK Network.  The UK is much more advanced in spreading knowledge about this condition and also doing research about it.  Today is the last day to sign up for information day in Carlisle. 

You can get more info here:

Neurofibromatosis Association.
Nerve Tumours UK 
First Floor, 44 Coombe Lane, London SW20 0LA
020 8439 1234


  1. This is very good that you were able to sign up! I never hear about NF 1 here, unfortunately. I'm glad you found support in the UK. It's good to be part of a global community.

    1. They have great brochures and do a lot of research.


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