Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Cliffs of Dover/Klippen von Dover

The best way to see the cliffs is from a ship, but we did have a chance to do that, so we hiked to the  top.  

Am besten sieht man diese Klippen vom Schiff aus, aber dazu hatten wir keine Gelegenheit.  Deswegen sind wir auf sie drauf geklettert.

 On the way up: We did a lot of hiking that day!
Auf dem Weg nach oben: Wir sind an diesem Tag sehr viel gewandert!

 View from the top
Blick von oben

 View of Dover Castle from the other side
Blick auf die Burg von Dover von der anderen Seite aus

 Coming up
Wir kommen herauf.

 What you see there is France: Can you see their white cliffs?
Was man hier sieht ist Frankreich: Auch sie haben dort weiße Klippen.

 Admiring the view
Die Aussicht bewundern

 And down again
Und wieder nach unten

 Back to the beach
Wieder an den Strand

Alles über die Ärmelkanalschwimmer 

This young man died at the Battle of Waterloo.
Alter Grabstein für jemanden, der bei der Schlacht von Waterloo gestorben ist.

 Old Church in Dover
Alte Kirche in Dover

 Another old one
Noch eine alte

Taking the train back home
Auf der Zugrückfahrt


  1. Yes, that was a lot of hiking! The cliffs are beautiful! How funny that I didn't realize that there are white cliffs on France's side. And France looks so close. Your little movie at the beach reminded me of Santa Barbara . . do you think you'll visit the beach again in Germany?

    1. A long, long time ago, those two pieces of land were one piece. Peter thought it was impossible that that could be France, but I kept reminding him that many people fled from France during the French Revolution right there in very tiny boats. They would have never made it otherwise.

      Funny you mention Santa Barbara: Flora thought it would be like Santa Barbara and we all would put on our bathing suits and go swimming. I told her that it was a different ocean and one that was rather cold. She could not imagine it being cold, but once they put their feet into the water they realized how cold it was. They had their feet in the water for about five minutes. Then they put their shoes back on because they were so cold. We are not sure if we will go to the North Sea once we are in Germany. We do not have a car, but we did take the train and then a bus last time we were at my parents' house to get to see the ocean. However that was in June and it was a bit warmer. We have not made any plans about going so far.


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