Sunday, April 9, 2017

Palm Sunday at the Cathedral/Palmsonntag in der Kathedrale

We had a beautiful Palm Sunday Mass with Cardinal Vincent this morning.  We started out in the Cathedral Hall, where the cardinal blessed the palm branches.  We then had a procession into the cathedral.  

 Cathedral Hall before the Mass
Das Gemeindezentrum vor der Messe

Charlotte had fancy hair today.
Charlotte hatte heute ihre Haar schicke frisiert.

Heute waren wir bei einer wunderschönen Palmsonntagmesse in der Kathedrale mit Kardinal Vincent.  Wir haben uns der Gemeindezentrum der Kathedrale versammelt, wo der Karidinal die Palmen gesegnet hat.  Von dort sind wir dann singend in die Kathedrale eingezogen.  

 After the Mass
Nach der Messe

 Crucifix in the cathedral
Kruzifix in der Kathedrale

 Cardinal Vincent talking to people
Kardinal Vincent spricht mit Leuten.

After lunch, we took the train and rode it out to Bexleyheath to visit the Red House, the house where William Morris used to lived and which he and his architecture friend built.  

Nach dem Mittagessen sind wir mit dem Zug nach Bexleyheath gefahren, um das "Rote Haus" zu besichtigen.  Das hat William Morris mit einem Freund, der Architekt war, gebaut.      

 An almost empty train
Ein fast ganz leerer Zug

What you do see is wallpaper designed by William Morris in most of the rooms.  However, when he lived in the house, all rooms were beautiful painted, no wallpaper whatsoever.  The National Trust is slowly uncovering all the old paintings underneath the wallpaper right now.

Hier sieht man Tapete, die William Morris entworfen hat.  Als er in dem Haus gewohnt hat, gab es diese jedoch nicht, sondern jeder Raum war mit Wandgemälden geschmückt.  Der National Trust versucht im Moment, diese Gemälde wiederherzustellen.  

 Settle, painted by William Morris
Holzbank, von William Morris angemalt 

 Beautiful ceiling
Wunderschöne Decke

 Here you can see some of the found wall paintings.
Hier kann man einige der gefundenen Wandgemälde sehen.

 Isn't this a beautiful spot?
So eine schöne Ecke!

 Some other newly found paintings: You can read more about its discovery here.
Noch mehr wiederentdeckte Gemälde

 Main entrance

 Apple tree




 Gift shop

 On the way back, we drove right by the London Eye.
Auf dem Rückweg sind wir beim London Eye vorbeigefahren.

This was such a beautiful place with so many things still to discover.  It was also nice to get away from all the many people that have come to London for their Easter break.

Es war so schön dort und es hat gibt dort noch so viel in dem Haus freizulegen.  Es war auch wieder schön, aufs Land zu fahren, besonders jetzt, wo die Stadt London nur so von Osterferienbesuchern wimmelt.   


  1. Beautiful pictures, I especialy love the window seat nook :-) I had every intention of taking Ben to the Saturday evening service and we arrived in good time but left shortly after. I haven't been to great healthwise and I knew that I just needed to go home. It is hard sometimes accepting a different path from the one you had in mind and I am learning very slowly to try to accept the things I cannot change :-) Love to you all San x

    1. Thank you San. Would not it be nice to sit by that window and read a book? Too bad you could not stay for church. Sometimes our plans do indeed get changed and we can only accept it. I hope you will be feeling better soon. Love to you too.

  2. What a beautiful church and crucifix. It's so nice that you went. Chanda and I missed attending a Palm Sunday service this year.

    The William Morris house is impressive and is one I would like to visit. Maybe one day :) Charlotte's hair does look very pretty. Did she do it all by herself?

    You're discovering many wonderful places in London, and it's nice to see how other towns/countries celebrate the holidays. It's interesting that they don't seem to dye eggs . .

    1. Oh, that is too sad that you did not have a Palm Sunday service. I really like Cardinal Vincent. He is so down to earth, but still appeals to all types of people.

      The Red House is a wonderful building and they are in the process of uncovering all the old wall paintings that are hidden underneath layers of paint. The furniture is mostly gone because they moved back to London. I would be interesting to see it again in a few years. I hope you will get to see it one day.

      Yes, Charlotte did her hair herself.

      I think it is very strange that they do not dye eggs. When Peter asked in a store for white eggs and explained what he needed them for the saleswoman thought that the dyeing of eggs was an interesting idea. You would think that most Germanic countries had the same traditions, but maybe it just got lost here.

    2. P.S. The cross weighs over 2 tons!


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