Saturday, April 8, 2017

Main Lesson Work and Hampstead Heath/Epochenarbeit und Hampstead Heath

On Tuesday, we did some good work in our main lesson books.  
Am Dienstag haben wir gut in unsere Hefte geschrieben und gemalt.

Veronika: Lichens
Veronika: Flechten

Mushrooms and ferns
Pilze und Farne

 Flora: "Signal e" (silent "e")
Flora: Englische Phonetik

 You can read the words with the "e" or without, each time you get new words.

Veronika's mushroom
Veronikas Fliegenpilz

And our turnip top is growing leaves.
Und unsere Rübe bekommt Blätter!

On Wednesday, we went for a wonderful walk on the Hampstead Heath.  
Am Mittwoch haben wir einen schönen Spaziergang auf der Hampstead Heide gemacht.  

 First we again stopped briefly at Kenwood House.
Erst waren wir wieder kurz beim Kenwood House.

 And then we walked down the heath to Hampstead Heath.
Und dann sind wir die Heide nach Hamstead Heath gegangen.  

 Miriam in a tree
Miriam auf einem Baum



 In Hampstead Heath you can visit the house of the poet John Keats.
In Hampstead Heath kann man das Haus des Dichters John Keats besuchen. 


Keats wrote his "Ode to a Nightingale" here or in the vicinity.
Keats hat sein Gedicht "Ode an eine Nachtigall" hier oder in der Nähe geschrieben.

Wir halten im Ökoladen an.

 Playing in our courtyard in the evening
Spiel auf unserem Hof am Abend

 Next morning: Our new kitchen helper :): I did not take this picture, but found it on my camera.
Am nächsten Morgen: Unsere neue Küchenhilfe :): Ich habe dieses Foto nicht gemacht, habe es aber auf meinem Fotoapparat gefunden.


  1. I loved studying lichens, mushrooms and ferns!

    Another lovely day learning about many things! And what a nice surprise to see my dear girl exploring with all of you, and helping out too . . You have a beautiful family, Eva. Thanks so much for welcoming Morgana into it too when she's in town. xoxoxo

    1. Yes, botany is such a nice block! She stayed for two nights and met us at the Kenwood House after one of her auditions. We had hoped to also visit the Keats House together, but by the time we got there, it was too late to go inside. As always, she is such a considerate guest and helper :). You do not notice that there is an extra person.


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