Friday, April 21, 2017

This Week/Diese Woche

Our time in London is coming to an end.  Peter has one more class to teach, then is semester is over (well, he has to grade two more rounds of papers).  Most students will be going back to the U.S. on Monday, a few will stay to travel or have visitors.  We have started to think about packing too, but we also have been doing our third quarterly reports for our school district back home and have received the PASS test for Veronika and two CAT tests for Charlotte and Miriam.  So I spent most of this week administering those tests.  Now we are done and have to send them back so that they get evaluated.   On Tuesday, I visited the Keats House with all my children.  Last time we visited the gardens, we did not have enough time to go inside.  Peter had to stay home to finish some grading.  I did not have to teach German last week and this week because the students back home were on Easter break.  But I do have to teach on Monday again.

Unsere Zeit hier in London geht dem Ende zu.  Peter muß noch einmal unterrichten, dann ist das Semester für ihn zu Ende (er muß jedoch noch zwei Hausarbeiten von jedem Student korrigieren).  Die meisten Studenten fahren am Montag nach Hause oder reisen noch ein wenig.  Einige bekommen auch Besuch.  Wir haben uns auch schon Gedanken zum Packen gemacht, doch waren auch die Noten für das dritte Quartal für unsere Schulbehörde fällig.  Dazu haben dann alle Pflichttests für die Kinder bekommen (Miriam, Veronika, Charlotte) und die meiste Zeit diese Woche habe ich damit verbracht, diese Tests mit den Kindern zu machen.  Jetzt müssen wir sie zurückschicken, damit sie benotet werden können.  Am Dienstag waren wir ohne Peter, der korrigieren mußte, im Keats Haus.  Letztes Mal haben wir nur den Garten gesehen, doch dieses Mal hatten wir uns das Innere des Hauses vorgenommen.  Ich mußte diese und letzte Woche kein Deutsch unterrichten, weil meine Studenten Osterferien hatten.  Am Montag muß ich aber wieder mit ihnen Skype machen.  

 Steps at underground station in Hampstead, the deepest underground station.
Hampstead ist die tiefste U-Bahnstation mit 320 Stufen.


 Quote by Keats
Zitat von Keats

 That was a cute verse about a cat.

 In the kitchen
In der Küche

 Flora is coloring a paper plate in the kitchen.
Flora malt einen Papierteller in der Küche an.

 Part of the kitchen door
Ein Teil der Küchentür

Ein Krankenlager für Keats

 Fanny, his fiancée was very interested in fashion.
Seine Verlobte Fanny hat sich sehr für Moder interessiert.

 Dressing up like Fanny
Eine kleine Fanny

Listening to poems by Keats
Die beiden hören sich Gedichte von Keats an.

 Das Bett, in dem Keats bei sich selbst TB diagnostiziert hat. 

Im ganzen Haus findet man Zitate von Keats.

Video I found online that shows the house
Dieses online Video zeigt das Haus sehr schön.


And here is the trailer to the Keats movie that I watched with Miriam about a month ago.
Und hier ist der Vorspann von "Bright Star", dem Film über Keats, den ich vor ca. einem Monat mit Miriam gesehen habe.

This morning, I took Jonathan to an ear clinic, Peter taught his students, and the others studied at home.  In the afternoon today, I took Miriam, Veronika, and Flora to Regent's Park and afterwards to the bookstore in the Rudolf Steiner House.  Jonathan and Charlotte were gone dancing in Hampstead and Peter had to grade journals. We all did go on a wonderful, wonderful day-trip on Wednesday.  I hope to be able to upload pictures soon.

Heute vormittag war ich mit Jonathan in einer Ohrenklinik.  Peter mußte unterrichten und die anderen haben zu Hause gelernt.  Am nachmittag war ich mit Miriam, Veronika und Flora erst im Regents Park und danach im Buchladen im Rudolf Steiner Haus.  Peter mußte Konzerttagebücher der Studenten lesen und benoten. Jonathan und Charlotte haben in Hampstead getanzt.  Am Mittwoch haben wir alle einen wunderschönen Tagesausflug gemacht.  Hoffentlich kann ich die Bilder davon bald hochladen.


  1. I love all the verses! Did you walk up all those steps in the subway, or do they have an elevator? I think Keats' fiancée's dress is very pretty, and so is Flora :)

    1. We were in a rush, so I let only Jonathan try it. We did not go back the same way we went to the Keats house so the others did not have a chance to try it on the way back. Jonathan was quite out of breath. I am not sure if I could do this kind of thing anymore. When we were in Vienna, I did climb the Stephansdom (343 steps), but I was very dizzy. I am not good at going in circles, never have been. I get dizzy immediately.

      They did a nice job with the museum. I thought it was sad that they did not film the movie in this house. The house in the movie is so much bigger and different. This little house goes much better with Keats I think. It kind of fits.

    2. Yes, that is too bad about the movie . . but they probably couldn't have fit in all the cameras and actors . . or even have gotten permission (maybe it's too historical?). But it would have lent a more intimate feeling.

      I get dizzy easily now also. I do remember spinning crazily when I was young on the teacups at Disneyland and on spinning tops and carousels at playgrounds. We would go around and around and around . . and I just loved it. Not any more :)

    3. I was never able to spin around at all. I am like Flora in that respect.

      No, the house is so small, it would have been hard to get even the actors inside :).

  2. Lovely pictures I especially loved Flora dressed as Fanny. Hope the tests went well. We are currently in Gloucester same place as last year. Hoping to post pics tomorrow. I had a crazy notion that we could get to visit you all in London but the train times were whacky and I am fighting a sickness virus at the moment with permanent nausea :-( xx

    1. Thanks, San. We will get back the test results in maybe three weeks. Gloucester! That is not too far from here. Our door is open if you decide to come after all. We are leaving in a week. We actually went to Dover on Wednesday, but I have not had a chance to post pictures. Tomorrow, London will be crazy because of the Marathon. Most buses will not go. I hope you will get better soon. Dorina is also not feeling well. Maybe it is the same sickness we had last week? Then it should not last too long. I am looking forward to your pictures.


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