Saturday, August 4, 2018

Nature Table for August/Jahreszeitentisch für August

I changed our nature table today.  We still have to add flowers, but the colors are becoming more yellow now. 

Heute habe ich unseren Jahreszeitentisch neu gemacht.  Wir brauchen noch Blumen, aber man sieht schon, daß die Farben jetzt gelber sind.  

Reading Skylark to Flora.  Flora really likes this series. 
Charlotte liest Flora eine Fortsetzung zu Ein Meer für Sarah vor.  Auf Deutsch heißt dieses Buch Sarah singt wie eine Lerche.  Es ist teil einer Serie, die Flora sehr mag.    


  1. Hello Eva, I like the care you take with your nature table. Yellow is a good August color :)

    I've never read these Patricia Maclachlan books!

    1. Thanks, sometimes it is easy to forget to change the nature table in the summer months, but there are subtle changes in nature and yellow is getting so strong these days, with all the goldenrod starting to bloom.

      These books are quite nice, but a bit too "psychological" for a children's series: too much adult reflection taking place in children's thoughts, at least that is what it seems to me. But overall, they are still worth while reading.


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