Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Fort Henry

Let's go back to Canada and look at Fort Henry today here on the blog!
Und heute geht es wieder zurück nach Kanada, wo wir uns Fort Henry angeschaut haben!

 The Singing Bridge
Die singende Brücke

View from the fort
Blick vom Fort aus

You can see Kingston from the fort
Man kann Kingston vom Fort aus sehen.

Im Fort

Waiting for lunch
Wir warten auf das Mittagessen.

I loved this arch.
Dieser Bogen hat mir gut gefallen.

Sir Richard Bonnycastle hat das Fort als Ingenieur mitgebaut.

Soldiers!  These are all college students :).  
Soldaten!  Das sind alle Studenten.


Now we are at the very top of the fort.
Und jetzt sind wir ganz oben.  

 Lake Ontario

Seagull on canon
Möwe auf Kanone

Ferry to Wolf Island  (I took this ferry many years ago, maybe 25?)
Fähre zur Wolfsinsel (Vor ca. 25 Jahren bin ich mit dieser Fähre gefahren.)

 And then it started to pour!
Und dann fing es an zu gießen!

 Officer's quarters
Quartier für Offiziere

Auch für Offiziere

 Auch für Offizere

 Aufenthaltsraum für Offiziere

 Speisesaal für Offiziere

Zimmer, wo die Bediensteten angeleitet wurden.

 Wine cellar

 Where the soldiers slept and ate.
Wo die Soldaten geschlafen und gegessen haben.

 This is an American drum.
Das ist eine amerikanische Trommel.

 Queen Elizabeth came for a visit.
Königin Elisabeth war hier zu Besuch.

 Under the fort
Unter dem Fort

 Hier steht etwas über die Frauen im Fort.  Die meisten waren Ehefrauen der Soldaten oder Offiziere.

 The rain is almost up to the entrance of the room.
Der Regen hat fast die Türschwelle erreicht.


So, if you ever get to Kingston, don't miss the fort!  They also have wonderful sunset ceremonies, but they cost extra.

Einen Besuch in diesem Fort kann ich nur empfehlen.  Es gibt auch noch Sonnenuntergangvorführungen, doch diese kosten extra.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed watching the soldiers on parade and then was amazed by all that rain!! Good job you were all indoors by then :-) xx

    1. You are welcome! You would have felt right at home there! The rain was really bad, I am glad the power did not go out.

  2. Impressive fort! I loved seeing the marching band and the different rooms. The cellar looked very damp. That rain really came down and accumulated quickly. Glad you weren't driving in it, though I suppose you might have run through a few cloudbursts during your travels.

    1. The fort had so much to discover! We did not see all, but quite a bit. Yes, the cellar was very damp and about half an hour after we had been in it, the water gushed in and the guides did not go in there anymore. We had gone without a guide. We were driving to my friend during the storm and some streets were completely flooded. Peter had to stop several times and use different streets. But on our way back home, there was no rain.

  3. It's amazing to me how quickly the roads can flood.


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