Friday, August 17, 2018


Here we are, driving through Ontario on Tuesday, all the way to Kingston.
Hier fahren wir am Dienstag durch Ontario, ganz bis nach Kingston. 

 English/French signs
Englisch-französische Schilder

 Driving towards Toronto
Wir nähern uns Toronto.

 Lunch at Ikea: Ikea is a great place to get a good lunch when traveling with children.
Mittagessen bei Ikea: Wenn man mit Kindern reist, kann man bei Ikea gut essen.

 And children can always play in the restaurant.
Und Kinder können immer im Restaurant spielen.


 Lake Ontario

 The rest stops have interesting quotes.
Die Raststätten haben interessante Zitate.

 Kingston: Rideau Canal.  It was built a few years after the Erie and Welland Canals.  It is the oldest canal in North America that is still in use.  
Kingston: Rideau Kanal.  Er ist ein paar Jahre nach dem Erie- und Welland Kanal gebaut worden.  Er ist der älteste nordamerikanische Kanal, der noch benutzt wird.


 Colonel By Lake

 Blockhouse: A small fort
Blockhaus: Ein kleines Fort


  1. Finally catching up with you again! I noticed from a convo with Dorina that you are home but facing a mountain of laundry and a whole heap of yard work, hope you have managed to catch up :-). Looks like you had a really lovely time with family, spending time with those we love is precious. We would have been seeing Dave's uncle Mike in Gloucester this week but had to cancel due to my health not being quite stable. We have however rescheduled to visit in late October so that is good. I have written a blog post with some interesting news and if you can keep the prayers going they are much appreciated. With love San xx

    1. Yes, we are back home, I have unpacked and did most of the laundry. Now I am finishing my forms for the school district (I have to hand them in soon). The college will start up in a week. Jonathan will go back to PA soon.

      We had a great time, visiting Peter's sister and family in Ohio (no pictures), Peter's parents in Indiana, Peter's grandfather in Michigan, and my dear friend Lois in Canada. It was a very exhausting and hot week, but we are so glad we traveled.

      I just read your post and noticed that you are moving! What exactly is a bungalow? I only know them as substitute school houses (when the regular school has no room, they put down a bungalow for the surplus children). Is it far from where you live now? All the best with the move and the new surroundings. I will pray for you!

    2. A bungalow is mainly a house with rooms all on one floor, so mine and Dave's bedroom is downstairs and there is also a shower room and toilet across the hall. This bungalow however has what is known as a dormer extension in the roof space which accommodates two good sized bedrooms and a family bathroom. I will try and post some pictures of it at some point. Thank you for your prayers they are not only much appreciated but needed! With much love and gratitude for your friendship, love San x

    3. I see, they would call this a ranch house here. It must be very helpful for Dave to be downstairs! My friend Lois just added a dormer to her house :). Good luck with all the changes!

  2. The sunset picture is incredibly beautiful, and I agree that Ikea is a great place to eat with children. The locks look interesting, and since it was so hot, I'm sure anything near the water was welcome and felt very refreshing!

    1. Did you see the small house on that peninsula? I would have loved to stay there and see the sun set. The locks are still opened and closed by hand! Nothing has changed. Yes, the water made it feel cooler, although there were tons of mosquitoes out there, eating us alive.

  3. Yes, that would be a lovely place to stay! I can imagine it!

    It's nice to have some things stay the same (in regard to working the locks).


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