Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All Saints/Allerheiligen

For All Saints we got out our saints cloud from last year.  We changed some of the saints on it and played a guessing game, who is this saint?

Für Allerheiligen haben wir unsere Heiligenwolke von letztem Jahr hervorgeholt.  Wir haben einige der Heiligen ausgetauscht und dann anhand der Bilder geraten, welcher Heilige das ist.  

We also started this Saint Mini-Book Project.  Some of the questions could be worded better, but the idea is quite nice.  We only did St. Anthony today.  The short prayer, "Dear St. Anthony, please come around. Something's been lost and can't be found," is a favorite in our house because we quite often cannot find things!  ("Speak for yourself," says DH.)

Die größeren Kinder haben auch dieses Heiligen Mini-Buch Projekt angefangen.  Einige der Fragen könnten besser formuliert sein, aber die ganze Idee ist recht ansprechend.  Heute haben wir nur den heiligen Antonius gemacht.  Das einprägsame englische Gebet "Dear St. Anthony, please come around. Something's been lost and can't be found.", was soviel wie "Lieber St. Antonius, bitte komm zu Hilfe.  Etwas ist verloren gegangen und kann nicht gefunden werden." auf Deutsch bedeutet, wird in unserem Haushalt öfter mal angewendet, da wir immer wieder Sachen nicht finden können.





For younger children (which might have been even better for Miriam because of the amount of writing), there is a simpler version here.

Für jüngere Kinder gibt es noch eine einfachere Version hier.  Vielleicht wäre die sogar für Miriam besser, da man nicht so viel schreiben muß.  

The only saint book for today was, like last year, I Sing A Song of the Saints of God.  It's one of the books that encourages sainthood in everyone.

Das einzige Heiligenbuch, welches wir heute, wie letztes Jahr, gelesen haben, ist I Sing A Song of the Saints of God.  Das Buch nennt nicht nur Heilige vergangener Zeiten, sondern betont auch, daß auch wir Heilige sein können. 
I had to stay in bed today to cure my cold.  I hope I will be back to my energetic old self by tomorrow.

Heute bin ich fast den ganzen Tag aufgrund meiner Erkältung im Bett geblieben.  Ich hoffe, daß ich morgen wieder ganz hergestellt bin.  


  1. Hope you feel better, Eva. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog about the blogger San. Appreciate your thoughfulness.

  2. Die Idee mit der Heiligen Wolke finde ich wunderbar. Werde das mit meinen Schülern erarbeiten.
    Hoffe es geht dir schon wieder etwas besser.
    Lieber Gruss

  3. You are welcome, Allison. My mother was also diagnosed with diabetes and has followed the diet of Dr. Schwarzbein, which was very helpful for her. I don't know if it would be helpful for your son, but most libraries have her books. All the best to you.

  4. Mir geht es schon besser, muß nur noch viel husten. Dann bist Du also Religionslehrerin? Ich habe auch Theologie auf Lehramt studiert, doch dann einen Magister in Germanistik gemacht.

  5. Thanks for the links! We are beginning saints studies again.

    We lose things around here quite a bit...my daughter tends to squirrel things away and get into everything. My husband loses everything even though I've made specific places for him to store items. ;)


  6. hi eva, i've also had a cold and haven't felt well enough to post. i've been going to bed earlier and sleeping a little longer. we've also been busy with physical therapy sessions, and extra dance workshop, and a field trip to the natural history museum. i'm feeling better now, and hope to post tomorrow, but also have a mountain of laundry to do!!! i hope you're feeling better now also. xx, dorina

  7. Oh Dorina, I'm so sorry to hear that! I'm feeling better, just a lingering cough. Our house is in a sad stage, though, and we'll have a little girl coming over on Saturday and Peter's parents coming next week. Going to bed earlier and getting up later has been very helpful here also. I've always liked the idea in Ayurveda to get up an hour or so before sunrise and retire about 15-16 hours after that. With our modern schedules that's sometimes hard to do. I'm glad we'll have the time change on the weekend.
    Wishing you all the best with physical therapy, laundry, and dance! We have the play next week (finally). This will mean extra rehearsals, but also a more regular life again the week after.

    Hugs and good well wishes to you!


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