Sunday, July 13, 2014

Some More European Travel Impressions/Noch einige europäische Reiseeindrücke

Lots of rain here today, we spent our Sunday indoors after coming back from church. Peter is in Switzerland now (again), but here are a few more pictures from Austria.

Heute hat es hier viel geregnet und deshalb sind wir nach dem Kirchgang drinnen geblieben.  Peter ist wieder in der Schweiz, aber ich habe mir gedacht, ein paar österreichische Bilder wären hier noch ganz schön.  

This is where he stayed with my parents.  There was also a bathroom and a kitchen with a washing-machine.

Hier war die Wiener Unterkunft mit meinen Eltern.  Es gab auch eine Küche und ein Bad mit einer Waschmaschine.

 Staircase to the apartment
Treppe zur Wohnung

 Small courtyard
Kleiner Innenhof
Here Peter is at St. Stephen's Cathedral.  The music was provided by the New York Choral Society (See their entry on facebook here)!  Peter had met some of the singers in a restaurant and they invited him to come to the Mass.  

Peter war im Stephansdom zur Messe.  Gesungen hat die New York Choral Society.  Man kann deren Eintrag bei facebook hier sehen.  Peter hatte einige der Sänger in einem Restaurant kennengelernt und sie haben ihn daraufhin zur Messe eingeladen.  

 He lit a candle for us.
Er hat für uns eine Kerze angemacht. 

Before Mass
Vor der Messe

 He went to the Kahlenberg with my parents to look down on Vienna.
Er ist zum Kahlenberg mit meinen Eltern gefahren, um den Blick auf Wien zu bestaunen.  

 This is his room during the Nestroy conference in Vienna.  He presented a paper in the castle below where the conference was held.
Hier ist sein Zimmer während der Nestroytagung, wo er in dem Schloß unten einen Vortrag gehalten hat.   Dort fand die Tagung statt.  



They had coffee at Café Griensteidl
Kaffeetrinken der Teilnehmer im Café Griensteidl

The mayor of Schwechat had all participants invited to the town hall.  Schwechat is a suburb of Vienna.
Der Bürgermeister von Schwechat hatte alle Teilnehmer zum Empfang im Rathaus eingeladen.   

Saying good-bye to Vienna: This is Sisi (empress) in the Westbahnhof (one of the railroad stations in Vienna).
Auf Wiedersehen Wien: Sisi im Westbahnhof

From here Peter took the train to Feldkirch and stayed a few days.  More pictures will follow.
Von hier ist Peter nach Feldkirch gefahren.  Bilder dazu kommen noch.

P.S. It made Veronika very happy that we won.  Veronika war ganz glücklich, daß wir gewonnen haben.


  1. I visited Feldkirch once a long time ago! I don't remember much except that I remember it being very pretty :)

    Peter is staying at many nice places! The view from above Vienna is beautiful! And how nice for the Choral group to invite him to Mass. He's been very busy . . ! I hope his presentation went well :)

    1. We were on vacation there many years ago, at least in the area and we visited Feldkirch also. When were you there? I must have been maybe 12 or 13.

      Isn't the view nice? It is so good to get out of the city and see some nature.

      I think his presentation went well. Too bad he and Morgana could not be there at the same time.

    2. yes, they are just missing each other! i'm glad it went well :) i was in feldkirch in the fall of 1982 . .

      it didn't rain here at all. we went to the met museum and saw a photography exhibit, and then walked all the way down along fifth avenue to 55th street. finally took the bus from there to washington square and home. then i walked on the high line with my friend. now i'm very tired and ready to sleep!

    3. There was a horrible thunderstorm this afternoon, they had predicted hail, but it never came.

      1982, we must have gone there about the same time then! I was 14 in 1982, we were in South Tyrol (Italy) that year. I thought it was before that. I have to ask my parents. We stayed close to Bezau in the mountains.

    4. How fun! I was . . 22! I'm not familiar with Bezau. I'll have to look it up. It must have been beautiful! I was staying in Bregenz.

      I wouldn't mind a thunderstorm and some rain right now. It's very humid . .

    5. I just sent an e-mail to my dad, asking when and exactly where we were. We also went to Bregenz and one day to Vienna and many other places.

      It is supposed to get down to the low 70s here I think. It is not so humid anymore although Veronika already complained how hot it was. I don't think it is so bad. But they are all sleeping in the same bed (M, V, F and pretty soon their mother). That must make it hotter. I'm blowing whatever is left from our storm your way.

    6. Thank you! And I was very glad that Germany won also! I was sorry to miss the game. Did you watch it? I've never been a fan of these sports games so much, but I do find soccer very exciting. It's quite new for my country to suddenly be so enamored with soccer! I prefer it to football . .

    7. We watched the "highlights" online, we don't have a TV. I never liked soccer very much, but neither do I like football, baseball, basketball, etc. My dad used to listen to soccer on the radio and we always had to be quiet. My brothers were more interested than my sisters and I. Soccer is THE sport in Germany. I never liked that people going to the games got drunk and loud. But at least there is more movement in the game than in baseball. I never watched a football game when at ND. When I tell people that they think I am crazy. Back to soccer. I still don't know all the rules and the proper vocabulary, but when Germany got so far I wanted to know if they were going to win or not. I don't think I will ever be a sports games fan, it does not go with my personality. I never liked team sports when growing up and never played on a team.

      When you wrote "my" country I had to think of my P.S. post above. I know I wrote "we" won. It would have felt strange to write "Germany" won. After all I am a German citizen and I felt a sense of pride when they made it. But this country here has been my home for so long that it does not feel like a foreign country to me either. I guess I am a dual citizen in spirit. Veronika was very interested in this and really hoped Germany would win. Of all my children I would have not expected that from her at all.

    8. My dad thought it was in 1982, but he was not quite sure. He will check again.

  2. Die Wohnung in Wien sieht sehr gemütlich und sympathisch aus, bestimmt haben sich alle dort wohl gefühlt.
    Schönen Wochenbeginn,

    1. Ich galube, es hat ihnen allen gut gefallen. Es war so schön, daß sie Zeit hatten, sich zu treffen.


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