Monday, November 7, 2011

The Prisoner of Zenda and Marie Curie/Der Gefangene von Zenda und Marie Curie

No, there is no real connection, except that Jonathan is reading or has been reading both this school year.  Jonathan rarely reads fast when it comes to literature, but The Prisoner of Zenda, one of his books for this school year, must have been too good to be put down.  He finished it in a few days and wants the sequel to it.  The book about Marie Curie, whose 144th birthday would be today, is The Story of Madame Curie.  This is for older children and not as complex as the real biography by Eve Curie called Madame Curie, which I enjoyed in high school very much.  I always thought that Marie Curie must have been an amazing woman.   

Nein, eine wirkliche Verbindung gibt es hier nicht, nur daß Jonathan dieses Schuljahr beide Bücher liest oder schon gelesen hat.  Jonathan liest selten schnell, was die Literatur anbetrifft, aber Der Gefangene von Zenda hat es ihm so angetan, daß er ihn in wenigen Tagen aus hatte.  Jetzt will er die Fortsetzung lesen.   Das Jugendbuch über Marie Curie, welches er liest, heißt The Story of Madame Curie.  Wir bewahren die Biographie von Eve Curie, die Madame Curie heißt, für die höheren Klassen auf.  Diese Biographie habe ich mit ca. 17 Jahren verschlungen und ich habe immer gedacht, daß Marie Curie eine erstaunliche Person gewesen sein muß.  Heute wäre sie 144 Jahre alt geworden.   


  1. Madame Curie was one of my favorite reads as well. What a fascinating women she was, and her story by Eve Curie hard to forget. I've mentioned The Prisoner of Zenda to my son. I think he might like this one as well. He's been reading Sherlock Holmes lately.


  2. This is funny, Alexandra, I have "Sherlock Holmes" on my reading list for Jonathan as well. He will read it after he has finished "Augustine Came to Kent" (history reading).


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