Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Egyptian Fruit Salad/Ägyptischer Obstsalat

Charlotte made an Egyptian fruit salad as part of her Ancient Egypt studies today. You can find the recipe here.  Charlotte hat heute im Rahmen ihrer Altägyptenstudien einen Obstsalat gemacht.  Man kann das Rezept hier finden.  

We put our dried sage, cilantro, and dill into glass jars.  Wir haben unser getrocknetes Salbei, unseren getrockneten Dill und Koriander in Gläser verschlossen.

Another beautiful Advent book is The Little Juggler.  Ein schönes Adventsbuch ist The Little Juggler.  Dieses Buch gibt es, soweit ich weiß, nicht auf Deutsch, aber einige Bücher dieser wunderbaren Autorin sind auch auf Deutsch erschienen: Die Lupinenfrau, Singehell und der Fuchs, Der Silberreiher und Peter und der Wolf.

Veronika had one of her ballet friends over today.  Flora, Miriam, Veronika, and the little girl played very harmoniously all afternoon.  During that time I was able to do some deep cleaning in the kitchen (Jonathan and Charlotte were at ballet).  How convenient!  Veronika hatte heute eine von ihren Ballettfreundinnnen zu Besuch.  Flora, Miriam, Veronika und das kleine Mädchen haben den ganzen Nachmittag friedlich miteinander gespielt.  Während dieser Zeit konnte ich in der Küche endlich mal etwas gründlicher putzen (Jonathan und Charlotte hatten Ballett).  Das war sehr praktisch!

Tomorrow we will watch a puppet play by the Hudson Vagabond Puppets.  Morgen schauen wir uns ein Marionettentheaterstück der Hudson Vagabond Puppets an.  


  1. the fruit salad looks delicious! and the puppet show should be splendid. i can't wait until we can see them ourselves. i'll have to find out when they may be around. i look forward to hearing about it!

    isn't it nice when they can play quietly and with such pleasure and you can get other work done?! i'm glad you had a good day. i better get some sleep now. i'm staying up too late :P

  2. Just watch the little YouTube video, it gives you a good glimpse of what they are all about. I hope you got enough sleep!

  3. I love middle eastern food! I went through a period of cooking it about a year ago...lots of yogurt based dishes. Indian is good as well. Among others, I love curry, turmeric, and saffron spices in my food.

    I'm so glad your husband is back and that you are getting caught up. When my husband leaves to work for a few days(without coming home), I get very behind! It is always nice to have someone to run a few errands, or work together to do the big tasks.

  4. Do you like the ancient system of Ayurveda? I have been reading about that for many years now and still like many aspects of it.

    Yes, I'm soooooooooooooo behind in my ironing due to my husband's many travels. I still have some summer dresses that need to be ironed and put away.

  5. I know a little. I like the Ayurveda soaps. I use two different Indian brand Ayurveda soaps with neem oil and patchouli - wonderful for summer!

  6. The soaps sound wonderful. Miriam is our "smell" person. She loves the smell of things and always has her nose in something :).


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