Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kitchen Helpers/Küchenhelfer

Tonight I had two sweet kitchen helpers.  Miriam helped me baking banana and blueberry muffins (part of her homeschooling this school year), and Flora swept the kitchen (normally Jonathan's chore) after Charlotte had given her her Saturday night bath.

Heute abend hatte ich zwei liebe Küchenhelfer.  Miriam hat mir beim Muffinbacken geholfen.  Wir haben Bananen und Blaubeermuffins gebacken.  Das gehört dieses Schuljahr mit zu ihren Lerninhalten.  Flora hat gefegt und so Jonathan seine Aufgabe abgenommen, nachdem Charlotte sie gebadet hatte.  


  1. I currently have two kitchen helpers working hard in the clean up operation... Pip is currently moaning in the bathroom about not really wanting a bath! She is very over tired and has a slight cold.

    I shall be glad when peace eventually reigns in the house!

    San xx

  2. hello eva, your home looks so cozy :) and your helpers are so lovely. i just realized through my friend christine that it's the first sunday of advent! we just got back from my sister's home. i think i'll go prepare the wreath and the holiday table. i can't believe it's christmas time already. it was 60 degrees out today! happy first day of advent to you.

  3. Poor Pip, nothing worse than an overtired three-year-old (or six-year-old, or eight-year-old, or ...). I hope she is feeling better and peace has descended onto your household once again.

  4. Thank you, Dorina, I try to make it a cozy nest, but it could definitely use some updates and renovations, but they have to wait right now.

    Yes, Advent is early this year, I barely finished our wreath before tea time. It was very warm here also. I read in the paper that this year is just the fourth time since 1893 when there has been no snow before Dec. 1 in Buffalo! I hope you have finished your preparations.


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