Wednesday, November 2, 2011

All Souls/Allerseelen

Today on All Souls Day we had to redo our remembrance poster from the previous years because a heavy picture frame fall on it and tore it apart.  So we changed the concept somewhat.  4 Real had some inspiring ideas.  We cut out hexagons and glued a picture of a deceased loved one on one side and a prayer with the name on the other. The prayer cards were shared by Jen.  We hung all of our pictures and some suitable prayers on a large branch.  We put a candle for each deceased one underneath and had a short devotion tonight.

Heute an Allerseelen mußten wir unser Erinnerungsplakat von den letzten Jahren erneuern, da leider ein schwerer Bilderrahmen daraufgefallen war und es entzwei gerissen hat.  Wir haben jetzt uns etwas Neues ausgedacht, nachdem wir uns von Ideen bei 4 Real anregen haben lassen.  Wir haben Sechsecke ausgeschnitten und auf die Vorderseite ein Foto eines Verstorbenen geklebt.  Auf die Rückseite kam ein Gebet mit dem Namen des Verstorbenen.  Die Gebetskarten stammen von Jen.  Wir haben alle unsere Fotos und einige passende Gebete an einen großen Ast gehängt.  Darunter stehen acht Kerzen, für jeden Verstorbenen eine.  Heute abend haben wir eine kleine Andacht gehalten.

The picture book The Spirit of Tio Fernando was our picture book for the day.  Flora wanted to hear it several times!  Unser Bilderbuch war wieder The Spirit of Tio Fernando.  Flora wollte es mehrmals hören! 

My favorite book about the "art" of dying is the book Living Into Dying.  The author  has also made a movie about the conscious dying of one man.  I have not seen it, but would love to.  You can find out more about the movie here.

Mein Lieblingsbuch zum Thema Sterben ist das Buch Living Into Dying.  Die Autorin hat auch einen Film gemacht, der das bewußte Sterben eines Mannes zum Thema hat.  Ich habe den Film noch nicht gesehen, aber hoffe, daß ich das irgendwann einmal tun kann.  Man kann einen Ausschnitt des Filmes hier sehen.  


  1. The souls branches are just marvellous and your display including the candles is just beautiful. I'm late this year putting up the saints and souls posters from last year, will nip into the loft later and bring them down.

    I did however manage to attend the All Saints mass, Dave and the others not fit enough to attend... I appreciated the quiet time on my own for a change!

    Hope you are feeling better.

    Love San xx

  2. Danke, Sybille.

    San, it will probably be a happy "remember-last-year-moment" for Benedict. Everybody here always looks forward to these two days. We normally also visit a cemetery, but this year we weren't well enough. We'll do it maybe next week. It must have been so peaceful to attend Mass all by yourself. It's so hard when you have little ones to really concentrate on what is going on. I rarely get to go by myself. If I do, I realize how different it is. Hope everybody will feel better soon.


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