Thursday, November 24, 2011


We kept our Thanksgiving celebration very simple this year.  We read The Thanksgiving Story by Alice Dalgliesh and The First Thanksgiving.  Our dinner was fresh cranberry sauce, baked acorn squash filled with green beans with thyme, onions, and garlic, and turkey breast fillets with an apple-tarragon gravy.  Dessert was vanilla ice cream with roasted pecans and maple syrup.  We said a prayer of thanksgiving before sitting down to eat, taken from Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers.  I hope that everybody else had a wonderful celebration.

Unser amerikanisches Erntedankfest haben wir dieses Jahr einfach gestaltet.  Wir haben die Erntedankgeschichte, die in jedem amerikanischen Geschichtsbuch natürlich auch steht, von Alice Dalgliesh in The Thanksgiving Story gelesen und dazu das Bilderbuch The First Thanksgiving angeschaut und gelesen.  Zum Mittagessen gab es amerikanische Preiselbeeren (cranberries) zu einer Sauce gekocht, gebackener Eichelkürbis mit grünen Bohnen, Thymian, Zwiebeln und Knoblauch gefüllt und dazu Putenbrustfillet in einer Estragonapfelsauce.  Zum Nachtisch gab es Vanilleeis mit gerösteten Pekanüssen und Ahornsirup.  Bevor wir es uns haben schmecken lassen, haben wir ein besonderes Erntedankgebet aus Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers gesprochen.  Ein rundum schöner Tag. 



  1. Happy Thanksgiving for yesterday. We thought of you all and had a treat meal at "Frankie and Benny's", a New York Style Diner!!

    Your thanksgiving meal looked very yummy!

    Love and blessings and gratefulness for a cyber friendship.

    San and co xxx

  2. hello eva, happy thanksgiving. what a delicious and beautiful feast you had. i can't wait to make the acorn squash recipe. we send much love and blessings to you and your beautiful family. have a relaxing and healthy weekend.

  3. Thank you so much, San! I didn't know that there were New York style diners in England. Did they serve lots of meat? Did they have a Thanksgiving meal? I took a look at your blog and you all looked very happy.

  4. Thank you, Dorina. It is a very simple, but good recipe. We eat squash a lot in the winter and I like green beans with onion, garlic, thyme, and olive oil (or butter). There is no ballet and gymnastics this week so things are a bit relaxed around here. I hope you'll have a wonderful weekend as well.

  5. Plenty of meat if you wanted it! Benedict and Pip had bacon steaks, egg and fries, a guaranteed gluten free/slow carb option. I had Caesar Salad, Sara had pizza and Dave had a spicy chicken wrap. but alas no Thanksgiving meal!

    I have a home school question so will email you, hope that's OK? Not an urgent thing but would appreciate your thoughts when you can.

    Hugs San xx

  6. All the meat sounds very American. Is Caesar Salad also a British dish? They should have had a Thanksgiving entree. That might have drawn customers!

    You can email me, you will get a "funny" automated email from Peter, but just ignore it. I will answer all the same :).

  7. So colorful and healthy! I love the simplicity of your Thanksgiving meal. I wish I could get my daughter to eat vegetables! This Thanksgiving she only ate a little meat and too much bread. I am surprised she does not at least like the candied sweet potatoes or cranberries. Cranberries are my favorite part of the meal, along with the salty meat and nuts - sweet and salty, yum!

  8. Oh, Flora also doesn't eat many vegetables. She loves meat, eggs, butter, cream, and greens, but that's about it. She likes her rice bread in the evening, but the other things are her favorites. My husband doesn't like sweet potatoes either. I never serve bread with our main meal (at lunch time) and make vegetables the center of the meal. I then add some meat or fish and sometimes a grain. For supper we eat sandwiches with raw veggies, soup, or salad. For breakfast we have cooked cereal most of the time, just on the weekends we eat muffins and pancakes. We follow more or less the blood-type diet, which has worked well for us. We are all blood-type O, which makes things easier. We also eat wheat-free and some of us gluten-free. In the summer we get vegetables and fruit from an organic farm, so we eat locally and with the season. Maybe over time, your daughter will get to like the veggies too.

  9. And that is why you stay so slim! I am at least 30 pounds overweight, and I eat healthily(homemade foods from scratch), but not as healthily as your family. Of course, I also have a bad thyroid which causes me problems.

    I use very little oil or butter(if at all), but we do eat a lot of cheese and eggs during the week - that's probably our downfall. Pasta and brown rice are prominent in most meals followed by a little less than equal the amount of vegetables. I know I should change, but I think I'm a bit of an emotional eater(food = comfort). Sigh. I love various tastes - complex deep flavors. I just like food too much!;)

  10. You know, ever since my last pregnancy I also have gained weight, but I still weigh less than what I weighed when I met my husband! My body has just changed so I look heavier. I also have a weak thyroid gland, I have had it for more than 20 years now. I only take iodine daily, as recommended by my German doctor.

    I do think that wheat can cause excess weight in many people. Cutting out wheat did wonders for my husband. We changed our diets after Jonathan's birth, who was a very tiny baby and was born with severe constipation. He had to stay in the NICU because of that. Even after he was released he continued to have problems so I started to look at food and watched what I ate while nursing. It took me about a year to find out what worked and what didn't. We later had him tested for food allergies and he tested positive for eggs, dairy, corn, and wheat. After removing those, life became easier, but still not perfect. Only after another test we found out that he was also sensitive to gluten so we cut out all gluten. At the same time I discovered the blood type diet and the allergies Jonathan had matched with the "avoid" foods of the blood type diet. We put the whole family on this diet and saw big improvements. We stayed on this diet for a long time, except adding in more dairy again, especially my husband, who likes to eat yogurt. Then I had awful digestive problems that led to two emergency surgeries during my last pregnancy. I knew that something in my food was causing it and I had myself tested for allergies. The results were positive for eggs, corn, dairy, soy, nuts, and believe it or not, rice! So I changed my diet again and went paleo (I kept eating some eggs). I did that for about a year and changed it to the GAPS diet, which allows some more foods than the paleo diet. Right now I'm experimenting with a few gluten-free grains. My mom was just diagnosed with diabetes so I have another reason to be careful with sugar and carbs. It helps to simply not buy certain foods.

    I know all about comfort eating because I love chocolate and cheese/cream, but my experiences in the hospital are a good reminder not to overdo it! I also know I should exercise more, but in the winter that's quite hard to do around here (my main form of exercise is walking). So I only do yoga and core exercises daily.

    It's hard to change eating habits, especially when you are home with the children all the time. Maybe just cutting out wheat for a while would make a difference. Whenever I eat too many carbs/sugars I feel very tired, I have discovered.
    I don't think that the cheese and eggs are really the culprit. Good luck to you on your food journey!


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