Thursday, November 10, 2011

Preparation for St. Martin (Martinmas)/Vorbereitung zum Martinstag

Miriam, Veronika, and Flora made some glass lanterns for the feast day of St. Martin tomorrow.  Here you can see them working and the drying lanterns.  Tomorrow we will attach the handles.  While I'm typing this, Jonathan and Charlotte are performing with the other children in their play.  I hope everything goes well.

Miriam, Veronika und Flora haben heute Glaslaternen für St. Martin gebastelt.  Hier kann man sie bei der Arbeit sehen und weiter unten stehen die trocknenden Laternen.  Morgen bekommen sie dann noch Henkel.  Während ich hier tippe, führen Jonathan und Charlotte gerade mit den anderen Kindern ihr Theaterstück auf.  Hoffentlich klappt alles.  


  1. hello eva, we made beautiful lanterns just like the ones you have pictured years and years ago. they were my favorite. (probably when chanda was flora's age!) when we went into our closet this week to pull them out, we couldn't find them. i think we were down to just one . . we didn't have time to make new ones this year, but i said that it would be a fun project for next year! this evening we used chanda's green lantern that she likes to keep on her desk.

    your lanterns look so lovely in the picture and the girls look like they're having a lot of fun making them. i'm sure they glowed bright when the candles were lit, and the flame was well protected. i hope you had a wonderful martinmas, and i'm sure charlotte and jonathan acted up a storm in their show :)

    autumn is finally here. it was cold out today. hope it was by you also! (is that a funny wish?)

  2. Hübsch sehen die Laternen aus! Hattet ihr eine nette Feier?

  3. Hope the play went well. I had all sorts planned for Martinmas and in the event it passed me by!! I've been feeling unwell and so decided to get to bed early instead.

    Hope you have had a good weekend.

    Love San x

  4. Love the glass lanterns! We made paper ones this year and had a mini-procession. The kids are still talking about it. Hope you are doing better. ~Alecia

  5. Hello Dorina, that's too bad that you couldn't find your lantern! These are also my favorites, especially for little hands because they don't end up in flames very quickly. They also last, and last, and last. We haven't gone on a lantern walk because we had either bad weather (snow or thunder storms) or the play or visitors. I hope we can go tomorrow night. We've had two days of snow and now it's warm again. This is really crazy weather. So, yes, it was cold, but too snowy for Martinmas.

  6. Danke, Sybille. Wir haben Kekse für den Martinstag gebacken, konnten aber wegen starken Schneetreibens nicht mit den Laternen raus gehen. Wir wollen das aber noch nachholen.

  7. Hello San, we read the St. Martin story and sang many songs. We also had special gluten free St. Martin cookies. We couldn't go for a walk with our lanterns, though. Too much snow! I hope you are feeling better. The play went well. I just posted some pictures.

  8. Hello Alecia, did you do your walk outside? Did you put candles into yours? (I saw them on your blog, I remember making similar ones in my German kindergarten class). We normally do our walk outside, but couldn't so far because of snow, rain, visitors, or the play Jonathan and Charlotte were in. I hope we will still go tomorrow or another day.


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