Saturday, June 30, 2018

Heat Advisory/Hitzewarnung

Well, what do you do when there is a heat advisory for the weekend (94 degrees)?  You do not do your routine weekend cleaning, but head for the beach.

Was tut man, wenn es eine Hitzewarnung für das Wochenende gibt (35 Grad)?  Man macht nicht den normalen Putzplan, sondern geht zum Strand.


 Building at the beach with friends
Am Strand mit Freundinnen spielen

 Reading in the shade
Im Schatten lesen

 Watching the sea gulls
Die Möwen beobachten

 Enjoying summer
Den Sommer genießen

And some people live in tipis.
Und einige Leute leben im Tipi.


  1. I love the warmth but it has been way too hot here, it hit over 30C several days in a row. The heat has knocked Dave sideways :-(. I am hopeful it will cool down soon x

    1. I have read about the British heat wave! I even saw some pictures of buckled railroad tracks. I hate the heat and do sympathize with Dave. We will have a hot week next week, basically 30 degrees every day, but also thunderstorms every day. I wonder if we will "flee" to campus in order to survive. I hope that you will have cooler temperatures soon.

  2. It's so difficult when it stays in the middle 80's during the night! There's no relief. Here's hoping that we all get some relief soon. xoxo

    1. Well, I think this week is supposed to be pretty bad, but the worst days supposedly were Saturday through today. I bought a new fan today because we did not have one for each room. It has been unbearable today, but we did have a thunderstorm move through and now it is a bit cooler.


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