Friday, June 15, 2018


I am going through all my homeschooling bookshelves to prepare for next school year.  We always finish up some subjects during the summer, but at the same time, the new plans need to be written.  Right now, all books get taken down, the shelves get cleaned, some books get sold, and others will be used next school year.  That is a lot of work and I do not have so much time for this blog right now.

We had a great pond nature study class yesterday, catching critters in Trout Pond in Letchworth Park (pictures will follow).  Also, Miriam's art teacher had a wonderful art exhibition and reception last night (pictures will follow).  So many people came, it was very crowded!

Jonathan and Charlotte are at a party hosted by one of the other student workers tonight.  They should come home soon because we will be going to the Celtic Fair tomorrow.  I took Charlotte out driving today after I had picked up books from the library.  Oh, and I did wash all our drapes today.

Im Moment sehe ich alle Regale mit Homeschoolingbüchern durch, putze die Regale, verkaufe einige Bücher und suche neue für nächstes Schuljahr aus.  Wir machen auch weiter mit einigen Fächern im Sommer, aber ich muß auch die neuen Pläne schreiben.  Das braucht alles Zeit und ist viel Arbeit, und so gibt es nicht mir so viel Zeit für den Blog.  

Gestern haben wir eine tolle Naturkundeklasse über das Leben im Teich gehabt.  Die Kinder haben viele Tiere im Wasser gefangen und identifiziert (Bilder kommen noch).  Außerdem hatte Miriams Kunstlehrerin eine schöne Kunstausstellung mit Empfang (Bilder kommen noch).  Es war sehr voll, weil so viele Leute gekommen sind.  

Jonathan und Charlotte sind heute abend auf einer Party bei einer ihrer Mitarbeiterinnen von ihrem Sommerjob.  Sie müßten bald nach Hause kommen, weil wir morgen zum Keltenfest fahren wollen und früh aufstehen müssen.  Heute habe ich auch mit Charlotte Autofahren geübt, nachdem wir Bücher von der Bücherei abgeholt haben.  Und ich habe heute die Gardinen gewaschen!  

All for now, have a great weekend!
Das war's für jetzt, ein schönes Wochenende allen!


  1. Chanda is learning to drive now, also! Greg took her out Friday morning to a big parking lot in Red Hook (just a different neighborhood on the other side of the East River). She did her five hour movie/class the other day, and signed up for some lessons with a driving school that was recommended by other NYC homeschoolers.

    Kudos to you for cleaning and organizing your shelves!


    1. Wonderful! It is so much better to learn when you are young. I was almost 30 when I learned and I was very pregnant with Jonathan. Not the best time to learn and get a license. Maybe that is why I am afraid to drive with a lot of traffic, like in L.A. Charlotte still has to do this class. We do not have a driving school close by, so we do have to do it on our own. I am still organizing all the shelves. I have reached the history/art history section now. I finished English, geography, religion, and general homeschool. It is a slow process, but have found some books we do not need anymore. That gives some more room for other books that have been lying on top of the rows of books.


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