Saturday, June 2, 2018

Ballet Performance/Ballettaufführung June 2018: Peter and the Wolf/Peter und der Wolf

Here are my pictures on the day of the performance.  They were taken after the performance and everybody is wearing "Peter and the Wolf" costumes.

Hier sind meine Fotos vom Aufführungstag.  Ich habe sie nach der Vorführung gemacht.  Alle tragen noch die "Peter und der Wolf" Kostüme.

 Veronika, Miriam: Pond/Teich
Flora: Butterfly/Schmetterling
Charlotte: Bird/Vogel


 Jonathan: Stage hand/Bühnenarbeiter
Isa: Carrier of bags and supporter/Taschenträgerin und Unterstützerin

 With Peter, cat, wolf, duck
Mit Peter, Katze, Wolf und Ente

Jonathan was very sad that he was not part of the production, but he is already practicing a piece with Charlotte to perform during a festival soon.
Jonathan war sehr traurig, daß er nicht mehr mitmachen konnte, aber er übt schon mit Charlotte an einem Stück, daß sie bald bei einem Festival aufführen werden.

I did take many more pictures during the dress rehearsal, but they are on different cameras and I have not had any time to take a look at them.

Ich habe viel mehr Fotos während der Generalprobe gemacht, aber die sind auf verschiedenen Fotoapparaten und ich habe mir sie noch nicht angesehen.  



  1. Your girls are so beautiful in their costumes! And how fun for Jonathan that he could be a stagehand. Of course he would miss dancing, but it's smart of him to still participate in another manner. What is he practicing for with Charlotte?

    1. Thanks so much! They did like the "pond" costumes. I think our ballet teacher was happy to have Jonathan help her. He is practicing for a concert at Epworth Hall. They have a community orchestra/band and Jonathan performed with them last year. This year, Charlotte will join him. I am not sure what they have prepared. It will be a surprise for me!


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