Monday, June 18, 2018

Celtic Faire/Keltenfest

On Saturday, we went to the Celtic Faire.  
Am Samstag waren wir beim Keltenfest.

Sheep herding
Hirtenhund mit Schafen



 Jonathan is learning how to tie Celtic knots.
Jonathan lernt keltische Knoten zu knüpfen.

 Charlotte and Miriam were helping the tinsmith with a craft.
Charlotte und Miriam haben dem Blechschmied geholfen.  

 Across from them was the tailor.  He was actually sitting cross-legged on this table sewing!
Gegenüber war der Scheider, der im Schneidersitz auf dem Tisch saß und nähte!

 Irish Dance
Irischer Tanz

 Here Flora is petting an Irish Dexter.  
Flora streichelt einen irischen Dexter.

 Sheep shearing
Schafe werden geschoren.

 More music
Mehr Musik


More dance
Mehr Tanz

I could not really get a great view, but if you want to see more, go here
Hier gibt es ein besseres Video dieser Tanzgruppe.

 Flora is doing the tinsmith craft.
Flora macht die Bastelarbeit beim Blechschmied.

 Beautiful light
Wunderschönes Licht

 Tailor again
Wieder der Schneider

Organ grinder
Drehorgelmann (seine Drehorgel kommt aus Deutschland)


  1. What a wonderful faire! I love the bagpipes, the Irish dancing, the description of an ox (never knew that!) and the tin craft :) Everyone's costumes are also very beautiful. xoxo

    1. Wasn't that interesting about he ox? I did not know this either.

  2. I read a little more on the sign about Ardan the ox. Ardan has a form of dwarfish and is very smart! He knew all his commands by five months of age :) Interesting that the dwarfish is passed through the mother to the bull calves and is found in the Irish Dexter breed.

    1. That is what I thought too. We saw him in action and he did do a good job in following commands.


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