Wednesday, May 30, 2018


We had about eight of these gigantic moths at our window (we think it is a kind of silkmoth) today! 
Wir haben heute ungefähr acht dieser Riesenmotten am Fenster gehabt!


  1. Pretty impressive! Hope the performances go well, I have had a sneak peek thanks to Charlotte and her Instagram stories 😀❤️

    1. They were almost as big as bats or humming birds! They tried to land on Veronika, but were very fast. Almost scary.

      I also hope this will go well, it is in a different town, they have never performed on that stage and it is a lot of driving (again). Also, Peter is not here right now. But my sister is coming tomorrow night. We still need to clean a lot, but it is so hot each day, 30 degrees and high humidity that I can barely move. We are having record high temperatures for May.

  2. Hello Eva, what an amazing moth to have flying around you home! I've never seen one so big.

    I hope all went well this past weekend with the dancers and with your cleaning and your sister's visit. We're in a similar situation this week. It's tech week for Chanda's modern dance recitals and my sister and brother-in-law arrive on the weekend. We also had extremely warm and humid weather, but now it's very very chilly.

    1. They looked like bats when in the air, especially the male ones, which are all black.

      Yes, it all went well, although there was a misunderstanding about her arrival: I was sitting in the living-room, thinking about what I still needed to clean the next day to prepare for her visit, and got an e-mail from her that she would be here in about two hours! Somehow I thought she would come the next day. Anyway, we cleaned like crazy those last two hours (it was VERY hot), and the house did look okay when she finally arrived. I think weather-wise, we had the same crazy temperatures. Good luck with your cleaning and preparations.


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