Tuesday, January 3, 2017


When reading through Jonathan's common college application, I found out that he was interested in pre-dental professional programs!  I did not know that about my son ☺☺!  We had a good laugh and removed that mistake!  He has only a few more days before the first applications for the regular decisions are due.

Als ich nochmal die Bewerbungsunterlagen für verschiedene Colleges von Jonathan durchgelesen habe, habe ich herausgefunden, daß er sich für Zahnheilkunde interessiert!  Das habe ich gar nicht gewußt.  ☺☺   Wir haben diesen lustigen Fehler entfernt.  Er hat nur noch wenige Tage, bevor die ersten Bewerbungen fertig sein müssen.  


  1. Oh, that's funny! The computer and internet make the college application process so different from past days!

    1. He must have scrolled down too far, I think, and then pre-dental got entered. But maybe he was just too shy to tell us :).


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