Sunday, January 15, 2017

All Done/Geschafft!

I submitted all my documents for Jonathan that were due today.  Jonathan finished his essay for Skidmore's London program.  So all deadlines have been met.  Now he has to work on his honor's application for our own college.  The only thing I still have to do is a midyear and final report for a few of the colleges he is applying to.  Then my part is done and the rest is up to the colleges.  

We made it to church today, everybody was healthy enough.  The church has not changed a bit in those 13 years: It was still very loud and kind of chaotic due to the high number of small children.  The music was nice and the pastor was a down-to-earth fellow.  They even had a baptism of twins.  

Tomorrow, we will try to get back to a full day of homeschooling.  In the afternoon, we will go and pick up our library cards.  I had saved our old library cards from 13 years ago, but I had to apply for new ones.  In the evening, I will be teaching my first Skype session with my German students.  I hope it will go well.  There are always so many small technical details that could go wrong.  

Ich habe alle Unterlagen, die ich für Jonathan heute abgeben mußte, fertig bekommen.  Jonathan hat auch seinen Aufsatz für die Bewerbung für das Londonsemester bei Skidmore College abgegeben.  Jetzt muß er sich bei unserem eigenen College für das "Honors Programm" bewerben, genau das Programm, das Peter dieses Jahr hier in London unterrichtet.  Es gibt jedoch auch ein Programm auf dem Balkan, das unser College anbietet und das Jonathan stattdessen machen könnte.  Aber auch in dem unterrichtet sein Vater, aber fährt nicht auf den Balkan.  Das Reisen macht ein anderer Professor.  Ich muß für Jonathan nur noch einen Halbjahresbericht und einen Abschlußbericht für die Colleges machen, dann bin ich ganz fertig mit seinen Bewerbungen.  Dann sind die Colleges dran.

Wir haben es heute in die Kirche geschafft.  Die Kirche war noch genauso laut und chaotisch wie vor 13 Jahren, weil es dort viele kleine Kinder gibt.  Die Musik war schön und der Pfarrer war bodenständig.  Es wurden sogar Zwillinge getauft.  

Morgen wollen wir endlich wieder richtig Unterricht machen.  Nachmittags wollen wir in die Bücherei und unsere neuen Büchereikarten abholen.  Ich hatte unsere alten von vor 13 Jahren aufbewahrt, aber die waren nicht mehr gültig und mußten ersetzt werden.  Abends muß ich dann meine Deutschstudenten via Skype unterrichten.  Hoffentlich klappt alles.  Es gibt immer kleine Dinge, die bei Skype schief gehen können.   


  1. Klappt es eigentlich mit den Unterrichtszeiten, oder ist das jetzt für dich schon fast mitten in der Nacht?

    Schön, dass es euch besser geht! Und wie schön, dass die Bewerbungen nun fast alle fertig sind. Dann werdet ihr London sicher auch besser geniessen können.

    1. Der Unterricht ist so wie immer, um 14.40 Uhr. Das ist dann 19.40 Uhr bei uns in London. Peter war mit den Kindern unten, und ich habe oben meine 65 Minuten Skype gemacht. Es war nicht perfekt, weil die Verbindung manchmal rauschte, aber sonst hat es den Studenten Spaß gemacht. Es war auch schön, sie wieder zu sehen.

  2. Well done Eva!! Hope your first Skype session goes well xx

    1. Yes, it did go well, just the connection was not always good. I think they students had fun. They had to act out a fairy tale in German :). We also did some grammar, though.

  3. Hello Eva, you have been very busy whilst not feeling so well methinks! Kudos for finishing all the documents! That did not sound fun at all. I know how long it can take to list and describe and evaluate . . ! You must be so pleased to be done with it. And hopefully you are feeling physically better now too. I'm sorry to hear all of you had a bit of the stomach bug. Korrina came down with it too. I just spoke with her today.

    I think it's wonderful you are visiting again after thirteen years. You must see many changes and also be rediscovering old haunts. I think it's fun that you had the old library cards! Too bad they couldn't just update them!

    I looked up London Oratory. What a beautiful church. It will be fun for you to strike up a weekly visit there and then the V and A. Have you read Ballet Shoes with Flora? I'm assuming Veronika and Miriam have read it? If not, it's a great time to read again! That was one of our favorite books. We read all Noel Streatfeild's books aloud. What fun to read Streatfeild, E. Nesbit and P.L. Travers in the city where most of their stories took place!

    Wishing you many fun homeschooling adventures in London :) xo

    1. No, doing IHIPs for five children is a piece of cake in comparison for this! At least the most important documents are done. Jonathan just got invited to compete for the Presidential Fellowship at Benedictine College. Since he cannot travel, he will have to do a Skype interview and do a timed essay here at home.

      It is kind of funny how much I remember. I did not go out on my own a lot thirteen years ago, at least not far. You could not travel on your own on public transportation with a stroller. You always needed somebody to help you carry it. But I did walk a lot in the neighborhood and to parks.

      I have not read Ballet Shoes. I should check the library here. I think the other ones have read it, well not Jonathan. We have a book called "Literary Walks in London." Once it will be warmer, I am planning on doing some of those.

      Now I will go to the library to pick up a book and then stop at the stationer's. We do need some paper supplies.


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