Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Through Time: London

We are reading a few pages of the book Through Time: London after lunch right now.  It has beautiful drawings and really shows you how London has changed over the years.  

Wir lesen im Moment nach dem Mittagessen immer ein paar Seiten aus einem Bilderbuch über London.  Auf den Seiten gibt es viel zu entdecken.  

I took Veronika, Miriam, and Flora to a playground in the afternoon.  It was sunny and not freezing, but still cold.

Ich habe mit Veronika, Miriam und Flora heute einen Spielplatz besucht.  Es war sonnig, aber immer noch recht kalt.   

Jonathan and Charlotte tried a new ballet school today, the Russian Imperial Ballet School.  It was not as hard as the school they went to in California, but they thought it was pretty good.

Jonathan und Charlotte haben heute eine neue Ballettschule ausprobiert.  Sie war nicht so gut wie die in Kalifornien (sagen sie), aber trotzdem ziemlich gut.  


  1. I always enjoy the journey through time books. I wish our library had this one. It would be fun to peruse. Did you bring it with you? What library do you use in London? It must have been difficult to pack . . so many books to consider bringing . . and how did you decide on coats? It's much warmer in London than in Houghton, so I would imagine you don't feel that cold unless you don't have your good warm wool or down coats.

    The ballet school sounds very nice! They must be happy to have found it :)

    1. No, we found this book in the Islington library. That is the library system we belong to here. There are about ten branches that belong to it and they do offer interlibrary-loan services. Yes, it was hard to decide which books to take. We took the basics: English, math, science, Live Ed booklets, French, Greek, Latin, and some smaller things. We had not planned to bring our winter coats, but I decided to do so after all and I am very glad. My other jacket would have been too cold. Jonathan's jacket is too cold actually. The others do have coats that work. But we do wear hats, scarves, and gloves. I do see quite a few down coats here.

      I think they are happy to have found that one, it is just a bit far. They are still working on figuring out how often and when to take classes.

    2. Yes, I see the warm coats and hats now in the prior post :) Good thing you brought them.

    3. Today, it was 12 degrees Celsius and I wore my somewhat lighter coat. The wind was cold, though.


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