Friday, November 7, 2014

Physics and Leaf Project/Physik und Blätterprojekt

 Watching a rubber band vibrate
Beobachten eines vibrierenden Gummibandes

Miriam has studied vibration today.  Miriam hat sich heute mit Schwingungen beschäftigt.  

 Watching a vibrating tuning fork
Beobachten einer vibrierenden Stimmgabel

 Glass of water
Ein Glas Wasser

If you put a vibrating tuning fork inside, you can create waves in your glass!
Wenn man eine vibrierende Stimmgabel in ein Glas Wasser hält, kann man Wellen machen!

Charlotte practiced flute and then walked through the pouring rain to her flute lesson.  Charlotte hat Querflöte geübt und ist dann im strömenden Regen zur Flötenstunde gegangen.    

Flora made a leaf project.  We had pressed leaves a week ago.  Today she arranged them on wax paper, covered them with a second sheet of wax paper, and ironed the whole arrangement.  I made a frame out of construction paper, but I forgot to take a picture.  Maybe tomorrow.

Flora hat ein Blätterprojekt gemacht.  Vor einer Woche haben wir Blätter gepreßt, die sie heute auf Wachspapier arrangiert hat.  Darüber kam noch ein Bogen Wachspapier und dann haben wir das Ganze gebügelt.  Ein Rahmen aus Tonpapier hat das Projekt abgerundet, doch leider habe ich vom Endprodukt noch kein Foto gemacht.  Vielleicht morgen.  

Tomorrow is Nutcracker rehearsal for Jonathan and Charlotte.  Morgen müssen Jonathan und Charlotte für den Nußknacker üben.  

And there is always time for playing in the mud and rain.
Zeit zum Spielen in der Matsche und im Regen gab es auch.


  1. We are having lots of rain here too! It is currently bouncing off the conservatory roof!!

    1. So we are experiencing the same weather. That is quite rare I believe. Is it cold by you?

  2. You do some of the neatest things. We got a little reprieve from the rain today and are supposed to have a fairly sunny weekend. I hope you have a good weekend.

    1. Such a nice compliment, Christine! We have had a bad day weather-wise today. Good I did not need to go outside. I did a lot of cleaning, but am still not done. Have a good weekend also.

  3. I have been collecting leaves as I would like to emulate your leaf project!! I need to write a note to myself to break out the ironing board and wax paper this weekend :)

    Ah, the rain . . it is so beautiful. I remember very clearly Korrina going off at Charlotte's age to work and rehearsals and classes in the rain! She just loved walking in the rain.

    xoxoxo :)

    1. We learned to do this in playgroup at the Waldorf School when Jonathan and Charlotte were little. You can also use natural colored (unbleached) wax paper. That gives it a special effect.


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