Thursday, February 25, 2021

Squirrel, Snowman, and Mesopotamia/Eichhörnchen, Schneemann und Mesopotamien

This squirrel was eating in front of our window yesterday.
Dieses Eichhörnchen hat direkt vor unserem Fenster gestern gegessen.  

Veronika did an experiment for thermodynamics.
Veronika hat ein Experiment für Wärmelehre gemacht.  

I baked raisin cashew butter cookies.
Ich habe Rosinen-Cashewnuß-Kekse gebacken.  

Flora is trying out cuneiform from Ancient Mesopotamia.  Here you see her initials.  You can find out your initials in cuneiform by using this great online tool.  
Flora übt sich in Keilschrift.  Hier hat sie ihre Initialen geschrieben.  Man kann die eigenen bei diesem online Umwandler herausfinden.  

I made pasta with beets, bacon, and Swiss chard.  
Ich habe Nudeln mit roten Beten, Speck und Mangold gekocht.  

Great day to build a snowman.
Toller Tag für einen Schneemann

Snow woman

Oh, and today, Flora built a ziggurat.  Peter drove to the dentist to get a crown and do some grocery shopping in that area where the dentist is.   In the afternoon, I went onto campus to teach my tutorial and Peter drove the girls to ballet.  
Und heute hat Flora ein Ziggurat gebaut.  Peter hat auch eine neue Krone für seinen Zahn bekommen und gleichzeitig hat er Lebensmittel eingekauft.  Nachmittags habe ich beim College unterrichtet und Peter hat die Mädchen zum Ballett gefahren.    

I hope that this was somewhat interesting.  I never find the time to write very detailed posts anymore.  I hope to share some Lent tasks we have been doing because, after all, this is Lent!

Ich hoffe, daß mein Eintrag einigermaßen interessant war.  Ich habe so wenig Zeit, längere Sachen zu schreiben.  Früher war das einfacher.  Ich hoffe aber bald ein paar von unseren Fastenaufgaben hier anzuführen.  Wir haben ja schließlich Fastenzeit!


  1. I remember Ben building a ziggurat using Lego! I hope Flora’s poor feet are improving, have you found any warming creams that help? The squirrel video is way too cute really made my day 🙂. Those raisin cashew butter cookies sound really yummy, I now have an urge to bake! I am so glad it’s the weekend as it’s been another round of full on school lessons and homework. Hoping to get your little gift in the post today xx

    1. Legos probably even work better, but we don't have enough to so such a project. I think her feet are improving, she has been complaining less. I do have a cream from Weleda, you can see it here. It is a warming cream. I am glad you liked our squirrel! We get so many and they are so funny. Veronika is in the kitchen baking right now. She has taken over the baking from Charlotte. I will be on the lookout for the gift! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Wow, I haven't read your posts or commented in awhile . . time does go by too quickly these days. These are such sweet and pretty photos with the snow woman, and the squirrel is very cute.

    1. Yes, time goes faster and faster, the older I get. I think that is really strange. I am glad you are well! I had wondered if something was the matter . . .


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