Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Old Pioneer Cabin/Altes Blockhaus der Pioniere

On Saturday, the girls had Nutcracker rehearsal.  On our way back, we drove past an original pioneer cabin, close to Silver Lake.

Am Samstag hatten die Mädchen Nußknackerprobe.  Auf dem Rückweg sind wir an einem alten Blockhaus aus der Pionierzeit vorbeigefahren.  Es steht beim "Silbersee" (Silver Lake).  

I am not sure what this tree trunk was used for.
Keine Ahnung wofür dieser Baumstamm benutzt wurde.  


  1. Klingt wie bei Laura Ingalls, Blockhütte, Silbersee :-)

    1. Das stimmt, ist mir aber noch nie in den Sinn gekommen!

  2. The tree trunk is interesting! Laura Ingalls Wilder lived by a Silver Lake . . I think there are many silver lakes in the US!

    I've been so busy since Korrina and I returned Sunday evening. Early Monday morning our friends got married at City Hall and then Monday evening Morgana's friend arrived from London for a ten day visit, but Morgana is in Tokyo! Chanda and I have been taking turns showing the friend around . . though he has been doing a lot of walking on his own also. Morgana was recommended for a babysitting job with a designer for Uniqlo who had to go on a business trip to Japan with her one and a half year old son, who is still nursing. She wanted someone to be with the child while she attended meetings, and to be able to bring the child to her in between. She's paying Morgana well and also paid for the airfare. I haven't even had time to explain this situation to my sister, because my sister has been dealing with mold in her upstairs ceilings and has had to vacate her house for a few days while workers tear out insulation . . and some asbestos! They're hoping to move back in tomorrow or Sunday. There's so much going on! I hope all of you have been well. xoxo

    1. I am not sure where the name comes from, but Laura Ingalls Wilder's father was born in Cuba, which is in the area. Funny that there are two Silver Lakes in her family history.

      You do sound busy! That poor friend! He must be disappointed. Hm, I don't know if I would go to Tokyo for that, even if I got paid well. I am so sorry for your sister! How did she discover the mold?

      We are busy too, with my parents here and these college applications, which are all due between November 1 and December 1. All ballet applications are due much earlier than the regular college applications and that is not what we had expected. Also, Charlotte will not be able to audition to many because our schedules don't allow traveling or the college she is thinking about is too far away. She was interested in Utah, but to apply there, you need a high school equivalency test that is not offered in NYS. I wrote to them about this, but they did not care. Either you take this test or you do not need to apply. So we are not applying there! They were not very friendly about this. And she can only consider schools that offer enough financial aid, so looking through what is out there is also not so easy.

  3. Bwa ha ha!!! I thought you meant he was born in Cuba, Cuba :D

    Yeah, I don't think I would go to Tokyo either :P

    Oh my goodness . . good luck with the colleges you've deemed worth your while. I know she'll find a good place. I remember the small college I went to . . they had a very nice dance department. Forget Utah . . that's just so rude.

    My sister saw a large black spot growing on the bedroom ceilings a month or so ago . . they just got bigger and bigger . .

    1. No, no, not the "real" Cuba!! That is funny. That reminds me of a misunderstanding I had with our secretary the other day. She sent around an e-mail about the NERF players playing at such and such a time on campus. I thought it was some acting group that was not to be missed, but it turned out those were just students using our academic building for nerf gun games. She had capitalized NERF and so I never thought of the guns. We both had a good laugh.

      Yes, Utah is just not understanding other states or homeschool regulations. Butler had a similar rule and I contacted them: They changed their rules after my contact because they did not know how homeschool regulations had changed in New York. That was a very positive experience.

      We will be going to Mercyhurst on the weekend; at least that one is not so far. She might still be able to audition at IU, but that would be an ad hoc audition. She also wants to apply to SUNY Purchase and the Hartt School. The Hartt School does take video applications. SUNY Purchase normally only allows them for international students, but she will be an international student in the spring, so to speak. We will see what they say.

      That is not nice, the growing mold in the bathroom. It must be very annoying to have to deal with that (and expensive)!

    2. Funny, I was just starting to write that the "reply" button hasn't worked for me in awhile, when it suddenly worked!

      I'm glad you had a positive experience with Butler. I've always heard good things about them. Purchase is a good school also. We know a few homeschoolers and fellow modern dance students that go there.

      My sister has seen several productions at the Hartt School and she always raves about them. They just joined up with a ballet company called Ballet Hartford (I think it used to be Vivid Ballet, or something like that), so maybe they will add ballet performance opportunities or just more ballet classes. Good luck with it all! I think all the schools have something unique to offer.

    3. You never know what surprises Blogger has in store for you! I am glad it is working!

      Butler did accept Charlotte as a regular student, but not into their ballet program. They did offer her an academic scholarship. Mercyhurst accepted her into their ballet program and into the university. She also got a very good financial offer. We have not heard back from Muhlenberg. She decided not to apply for the Hartt School because we cannot go there for auditions and they want a quite lengthy modern dance video (if you apply via video), which she does not want to do (she does not like modern dance very much). She still wants to apply to Purchase (via video) although I do not think there will be a lot of financial aid available. Do they do much classical ballet at all anymore? She also got into IU academically, but has not applied to the ballet program so far. She still has to make a video on pointe for them. This is how things are so far!


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