Thursday, June 28, 2018

St. Jerome Library

By pure chance, I stumbled across St. Jerome Library.  They publish a color workbook for the old Voyages in English series.  OLVS sells reprints of the original workbooks, but the color ones from St. Jerome Library do look very nice.  It is not necessary to use the workbooks; the hard cover textbooks are fine by themselves, but if you have a student that is a slow writer, the workbooks could be used instead of some of the assignments in the textbooks.  Cathy Duffy has written about that option here.  St. Jerome Library sells the workbooks on Ebay.       


  1. It's always so exciting finding new resources! Too bad I don't have a student here . . . . . . !!!!

    1. Yes, I will use this with Flora. We will be doing grade 3 all over again, to give her extra time to get up to grade level in math and English. I have used "Voyages in English" with all children, not every year, but almost all grades up to grade 8. I love this series because it is so compatible with the Waldorf approach. It starts off real slow, but then gets very demanding in the higher grades. Flora really likes her new workbook because it is so pretty. They wrapped it very nicely, too.


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