Monday, April 23, 2018

Weekend Summary/Zusammenfassung des Wochenendes

 Flora made a simple scale as part of her main lesson on weighing.
Flora hat eine einfache Waage gemacht, was zur ihrer Epoche über Maße und Gewichte gehört.

 Veronika is testing the calcium content of a shell and a limestone rock with vinegar.
Veronika testet den Kalziumgehalt einer Muschel und eines Kalksteins mit Essig.

 The limestone is from the White Cliffs of  Dover!  I found it last year.  
Der Kalkstein ist von den Kreidefelsen von Dover, den ich dort letztes Jahr gefunden habe.    

 Miriam baked this bread.
Miriam hat dieses Brot gebacken.

 Veronika baked these cookies.
Veronika hat diese Kekse gebacken.

 An Easter surprise package from Germany came in the mail.
Ein Osterüberraschungspaket aus Deutschland kam in der Post.

 And, can you believe it, it got much warmer!  Now the skunk cabbage is growing.
Kaum zu glauben, aber es ist viel wärmer geworden.  Jetzt wächst der Stinkkohl!

 Blue skies
Blauer Himmel

 Skipping rope
Springseil springen

 Cream puffs for teatime on Sunday
Windbeutel zum Kaffeetrinken am Sonntag

 Kai is enjoying the sun.
Kai genießt die Sonne.

 I was sitting outside grading some grammar sheets.
Ich habe Grammatikblätter draußen benotet.

 Julius joined Kai.  (By the way, the other night we saw a third cat outside that looked like Kai and Julius . . . )

Julius hat sich zu Kai gesellt.  (Übrigens haben wir neulich abends eine dritte Katze draußen gesehen, die wie Kai und Julius aussieht . . . . )

Tonight, Charlotte, Miriam, and I finished Wilhelm Tell by Schiller.  We had a great time doing that together.   

Heute abend haben Charlotte, Miriam und ich Wihelm Tell von Schiller zu Ende gelesen.   Es hat uns großen Spaß gemacht, das zusammen zu lesen.  


  1. Gorgeous food especially the cream puffs! I bet Peter is hoping that the third cat will not take up residence!! We had an interesting afternoon yesterday, a neighbour's dog escaped into our garden and our tiny cut Poppy went on the rampage chasing it and trying to attack it! She detests dogs!! Then the dog was aggressive hardly surprising and so the warden was called. The dog is left unattended each day and not walked and it is a terrier cross so is bored and it has been bashing the fence behind our trees. We will have to have the area cleared and a replacement fence put in, more expense, ah well 🙂

    1. Veronika and Miriam are our bakers these days. They love sweet things :). No, Peter does not want a third cat and neither do we. But that cat has come back several times, but only at night. That is funny that Poppy tried to get the dog. Kai was trying to get a squirrel, but the squirrel stood its ground and did not try to run away. What does a "warden" do with dogs? I hope you have been able to fix the fence. Our fence is still broken from the time a dying deer crashed into it. It is a chain-link fence and not so easy to fix.

  2. I am laughing that you saw another cat that looked like Julius and Kai! It's just too funny and unusual, and the stories that one could make up . . ! The cookies and bread and cream puffs look delicious. I have to try making cream puffs one day. It's nice to see the experiments the children are doing, especially with the limestone from the White Cliffs of Dover!

    I hope you have a break soon from the grading :) Enjoy the Easter treats!

    1. We first thought we were seeing a ghost! Peter thinks something is wrong with these cats and we are haunted. Cream puffs are not too hard, there are several ways to make it. My dad was very upset that his chocolate took so long to get here. I think the mail is having a lot of problems these days.

  3. P.S. It's Tuesday . . I hope it didn't snow today!

    1. No, it rained, but it snowed in Latrobe on Sunday.

  4. S. hat heute mit der Gesteinskunde-Epoche begonnen. Ich werde ihr erzählen, dass das Veronika auch gerade macht.

    1. Oh, wie schön! Veronika hat gute Heftarbeit gemacht, und auch sonst haben wir interessante Dinge gemacht, aber ich habe kaum fotografiert. Es ist im Moment alles schrecklich hektisch.

    2. Ja, genau so geht es mir auch, kaum Fotos, kaum Zeit für Berichte, alles hektisch. Naja, wenigstens langweilen wir uns nicht, nicht wahr? :-))

    3. Nein, langeweilen ganz bestimmt nicht, aber Luft zum Atmen zwischendurch wäre manchmal auch schön :).


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