Monday, April 30, 2018

Dance Spectrum

We drove all the way to PA to see Jonathan dance as the Greek prince Neoptolemus.  Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take any pictures and after the show, Jonathan had already changed clothes because they were not allowed to walk around in the costumes.  However, he promised me some official pictures.  His professor posted a short video of one of the rehearsals, though, which happens to have Jonathan in it!

Wir sind bis nach Pennsylvania gefahren, um Jonathan als griechischen Prinz Neoptolemus tanzen zu sehen.  Leider durfte man überhaupt keine Fotos machen und nach der Aufführung hatte Jonathan sich schon umgezogen, da sie nicht in den Kostümen herumgehen durften.  Er hat mir jedoch noch offizielle Fotos versprochen, die ich bald bekommen soll.  Sein Professor hat ein kurzes Video während der Proben gedreht und da kann man Jonathan sehen!

 New York


 Much greener here!
Schon viel grüner hier!


 Pretty trees
Hübsche Bäume

 Finally: St. Vincent College
Endlich: St. Vincent College

 View from our hotel
Blick aus dem Hotelfenster

 Stage for the performance in Greensburg
Bühne für die Vorführung in Greensburg

 Fancy sinks in the Performing Arts Center
Schicke Waschbecken im Performing Arts Center

After the performance
Nach der Vorführung

On Sunday we enjoyed a beautiful Mass in St. Vincent's basilica and some coffee at Starbucks. 

Am Sonntag gab es eine schöne Messe in der College Basilika und dann Kaffee bei Starbucks.    

 Very German!
Sehr deutsch!

 Historical markers on the way back
Historische Informationsschilder auf der Rückfahrt

Moon rise tonight
Mondaufgang heute abend

And although everything was greener in PA, it did snow there today!
Und obwohl es grüner in Pennsylvania war, hat es heute dort geschneit!


  1. What a fun weekend (and I can't believe it snowed!) It's amazing how just a few hours south and everything is more green. I loved seeing the rehearsal video. How fortunate that it was put up. It looks like such a nice time at the theatre and then church in the morning and coffee. It's good he's close enough for a visit :) xoxo (I love the moon rise pic).

    1. It was supposed to be a relatively warm weekend, but the temperature really dropped. It was below freezing at night. We had a wonderful time and we do miss Jonathan quite a bit. Flora was so happy to see him. She even brought him his doll so that he could take a look at "Little Jonathan." The drive there is not so easy, no good places to stop, lots of trees, and elevations. It takes about 4 1/2 hours, so you do have to spend the night. Flora always gets car sick on that ride. I think the Allegheny Mountains are like a barrier between here and there and hence the warmer temperatures down there. I did enjoy the performance and we even met his professor. I was also glad they put up a video.

  2. I sent good wishes to Jonathan via Instagram! I think his knees are giving him trouble with all the dancing. I've never thought to ask but what is Jonathan studying? I thought it was politics but maybe it is a combined degree, with more than one subject. Hope you have had a good Monday x

    1. So sweet! Yes, it is one knee and when he comes home he normally needs physical therapy. It got injured again during a different performance he had at St. Vincent College. He is part of a dance club there.

      Yes, his major is political science, but he is thinking about switching to philosophy. He had thought about doing theology as minor, but he has not enjoyed his theology classes so much so far.

      We all got a biz sick on this quick trip to Pennsylvania. Charlotte and Veronika have bad colds. Charlotte had to go to the urgent care center to day to get some medicine. I feel like I am getting a flu and Flora is also not feeling great. It was just so cold down there. Today was my last day of classes! Now I have to give three finals and grade everything. Then I will be done until September!

  3. So glad you're finishing up soon. I've been feeling very tired lately in the evening when it cools down. Your account of family colds makes me think that the fluctuating weather is not helpful and could be the culprit. I think we all need summer and sunshine. Hope everyone is better soon!

    1. Me too! I am quite exhausted from this (and last) semester. It has been too much. No, the weather is very strange. Today we had a wildfire warning! I feel like we are back in CA.


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