Saturday, April 16, 2016

Coltsfoot Pictures/Huflattich Bilder


 Pussy Willows



 After our walk we met with Peter in the college cafe.  Jonathan found an interesting magazine.
Nach dem Spaziergang haben wir Peter im Collegecafé getroffen.  Jonathan hat dort eine interessante Zeitschrift entdeckt. 

 And these two found a puzzle.
Und diese zwei haben ein Puzzlespiel gefunden.

 And this was for the students . . . 
Und das hier war etwas für die Studenten . . . .


  1. Daisies, muskrats . . spring is here :) Beautiful pictures, Eva and it looks like it was a lovely day. It's nice to end up at the school for tea and a rest in the cafe.

    I've never seen a muskrat before . . it looked much bigger than I thought . . I looked up pics online. They look a bit like beavers.

    1. It was so wonderful, especially because it might be the last time all five children do this together. We have been doing this for years now, but life moves on.

      Really? Those muskrats are very common here. There are at least two down there, close to our creek. They are fairly large and good swimmers. Yes, they do look like beavers a lot, except their tails are different. We also have a beaver dam in town, but closer to the Genesee River.


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