Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Blue Shoes/Blaue Schuhe

Jonathan and his partner will perform a simplified version of the Bluebird Pas de Deux from "Sleeping Beauty," hence the blue shoes!

Jonathan und seine Partnerin werden eine vereinfachte Form des Blauen Vogels Pas de deux aus "Dornröschen" aufführen.  Deswegen braucht er blaue Schuhe!

Miriam and Veronika are drawing narcissus.
Miriam und Veronika zeichnen Narzissen.

 We are walking to the ballet studio to pick up Flora.
Wir gehen zum Ballettstudio, um Flora abzuholen.

The ice-cream parlor is still closed.
Die Eisdiele hat noch zu.

 We are finding lots of garlic mustard, an invasive species.
Wir finden viel Gemeines Lauchkraut, das hier nach New York eingeschleppt worden ist. 

 Mourning Dove

Flora is picking some weeds because they look like turnips to her.  She says they will be very useful for her games.
Flora pflückt Unkraut, das sie an Rüben erinnert.  Sie kann es gut zum Spielen brauchen, sagt sie. 


  1. Is the rest of his costume also blue? why is the ice cream parlour still shut? Flora's game sounded very interesting, a bit like Pip collecting different shaped stones from the front of the holiday cottage and opening her own natural history museum :-) x

    1. Yes, he will be all blue, but there is no headpiece. Those were two expensive to purchase. The ice cream parlor is closed because it is still too cold around here for ice cream. They close in the winter an early spring. That is a sweet idea from Pip. Flora has not tried to put her collections on display, but I remember doing things like that as a child.

  2. Yes, Flora's collecting is interesting and sweet :) Good dyeing by Jonathan. I look forward to seeing the whole costume. I can't believe concert time is almost upon us. Chanda has her ballet recital on May 21st.

    1. I have not seen him in his costume myself! But I did show him how to sew suspenders on his new tights. I think most young men do that now. They could not afford the head piece, though, so there is none. I think a late May/early June performance sounds better. Ours is too early.

    2. I do not think I would like to wear a headpiece, so maybe it is just as well!

    3. Some of those headpieces do look very fancy, but are also too much of a good thing.


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