Thursday, April 28, 2016

Goldfinches and Picture Day/Goldzeisige und Fototag

Today our feeder was literally invaded by over 30 goldfinches.
Heute hatten wir eine Invasion von über 30 Goldzeisigen bei unserem Futterhäuschen.

 All the yellow dots in the trees are goldfinches.
Alle gelben Punkte in den Bäumen sind Goldzeisige.

And then there was picture day at the ballet studio.
Und dann mußte man zum Fototermin beim Ballettstudio erscheinen.

All the items you need to get five children ready!
Was man nicht alles braucht, um fünf Kinder dafür herzurichten!

 Two dancers ready to go.
Zwei Tänzerinnen kurz vor dem Aufbruch.

Not the greatest picture, but a nice surprise after all the goldfinches had left: three Rose-breasted Grosbeaks came for a visit!
Nicht das bester Foto, aber eine schöne Überraschung, nachdem die Goldzeisige alle weg waren: drei Rosenbrust-Kernknacher besuchten uns!


  1. Wie süß! DAs sind ja richtig viele! Wir haben noch nie so viele auf einmal gesehen. Sehr schön!

    1. Sie scheinen jedes Frühjahr in großen Scharen für ca. eine Woche zu kommen, als ob sie sich dazu verabredet hätten. Sehr lustig, aber auch schön gelb.

  2. I love your birdfeeder!!! So funny to see all those goldfinches, and then the grosbeaks. You see so many birds! How do you keep Julius away? Is it too high up for him?

    I like your picture of all the hair accessories.) It's fun to have such a busy household :)

    1. We cannot keep him away and he does get some birds. Sometimes he only "carries" them in his mouth and we can pry his mouth open to let the poor bird fly away. Sometimes he eats them. Whenever we see him sitting on the railing trying to get a bird we go out and scold him. He knows he is not supposed to do that.

      Charlotte does her own hair and make-up, but the others need my help. Each year I watch a few videos to remember how to do this, especially Jonathan's make-up.

    2. Korrina used to always do her hair. I would want to do it, but she would never let me. I used to say that I had Chanda just so I could do her ballet buns :P

      That Julius. Yes, my cats know when they are misbehaving also, but they still try to be so sneaky.

    3. Funny, even when she was really little? I think you have to be older to do your own hair, at least in our family this is the way it goes. Funny about Chanda.

      I think cats cannot help it. Dogs could, though.


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