Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Poetry Memorization/Gedichte auswending lernen

Our current memorization selection of poems is as follows:
Diese Gedichte lernen wir im Moment auswending: 

Jonathan and Charlotte: "The Destruction of Sennacherib" (Lord Byron)
Jonathan und Charlotte: "Sanheribs Niederlage" George Gordon Byron)

Mriiam: "Die Bürgschaft" (Friedrich Schiller) 
Miriam: "The Hostage" (Friedrich Schiller)

Veronika and Flora: "At the Seaside"  (Robert Louis Stevenson)
Veronika und Flora: "Strand"  (Robert Louis Stevenson) 

My students: "Loreley"  (Heinrich Heine)  They are memorizing the German original!
Meine Studenten: "Die Loreley"  (Heinrich Heine)  Sie lernen es auf Deutsch!

P.S. Jonathan finished the Three Musketeers today, a long book.
P.S. Jonathan hat heute Die drei Musketiere von Dumas zu Ende gelesen, das ist sehr lang.  


  1. Beautiful poems Eva! And I like the audio renditions you chose :) Will your children memorize the English and the German versions? Loreley is a lovely poem for your students to learn :) How did Jonathan like The Three Musketeers? I remember enjoying it when I read it many years ago . . but I know he is not always enthusiastic about novels :) Will there be a discussion with an online class? I can't remember if you said that he is doing another Literature course . . It's been so warm here! It's very nice. I hope you have been having warm weather also. xoxo . .

    1. Oh thanks, Dorina. When it is a German poem, we memorize it in German, when English, in English. Jonathan liked "The Three Musketeers." He even was interested in the French version of the book, so I got that for him from the library (not that he can read it well). It was for his Center for Lit class, he is doing world literature this year. He thought the discussion was very interesting.

      Yes, we have been having nice days, but today was rainy and cooler.


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