Saturday, April 23, 2016

Winding Yarn/Wolle wickeln

Miriam has chosen Blue Violet Tonal Stroll yarn from Knit Picks, thanks to Dorina's recommendation.  She wants to knit socks!  Here they are winding the yarn:

Miriam hat sich eine Wolle für ihr Strickprojekt ausgesucht.  Man kann die Wolle hier sehen.  Sie möchte auch Strümpfe stricken.  Aber erstmal muß man die Wolle wickeln:



  1. Love the colour and they did a great job winding the ball :-)

  2. Yes, the color is wonderful, a true lilac, although my camera made it a bit more blue. They had lots of fun winding the yarn and were giggling most of the time :).

  3. It is a beautiful yarn! So glad that recommendation worked out. I look forward to posts about the work in progress :)

    1. She is doing the pattern on page 52, 8 stitches per inch. Charlotte is helping her along with each step.

    2. I was just looking at the pages in our book. Morgana wrote funny little notes to herself in it such as, "pick up more from the corner Morgana!"

    3. That is funny and I am not sure what she means with that note. To knit more tightly?


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