Monday, September 7, 2015

Monday:Lecture/Montag: Vortrag

Another hot day, 88 degrees.  We took an early morning walk to the college bookstore and Morgana found some "souvenirs."  Back home, there was laundry to be done and I did some ironing.  Morgana read to Flora Anna Garnknäul, a book from my childhood.  Then they played with the dollhouse.  Flora thought Morgana could play as well as Jonathan, so that was a great compliment!  Charlotte, Veronika, and Morgana helped prepare lunch.  Right after lunch I left for teaching and Peter took over with staying home.  Then there was a lecture by Richard Mouw, which Jonathan, Charlotte, and Morgana attended.  They thought it was thought-provoking and interesting, although they also thought he never found a conclusion to his thoughts.  It was so hot that Flora used the baby bathtub to cool off.  Peter stayed on campus for supper because he had to teach.  So there was just a mother and children supper.  After supper, we went for a walk to cool off (Flora and Peter stayed home).  On our walk we "rescued" lots of frogs and toads, who had decided to sit in the middle of the road.  Then we played Yahtzee and now people are chatting or working.  It was such a busy day that I had not much time for pictures, except the two I am posting here.  Tomorrow I will drive to the Amish store with the children (Peter will stay here because we would not fit into the car otherwise) and later I have office hours.  It will be another hot day tomorrow, but soon fall weather is supposed to find itself to our area as well.

Miriam's new hairdo :)
Miriams neue Frisur :)

Noch ein heißer Tag war es heute, ca. 30 Grad.  Morgens sind wir früh zum Buchladen des Colleges gegangen, und Morgana hat ein paar "Andenken" gefunden.  Zu Hause mußte Wäsche gewaschen werden, und ich habe ein wenig gebügelt.  Morgana hat Flora Anna Garnknäul vorgelesen.  Danach haben die beiden Puppenhaus gespielt.  Flora had verkündet, daß Morgana genauso gut wie Jonathan Puppenhaus spielen könnte.  Das war ein großes Kompliment.  Charlotte, Veronika und Morgana haben dann mit der Mittagsessensvorbereitung geholfen.  Nach dem Mittagessen mußte ich unterrichten, und Peter ist zu Hause geblieben.  Etwas später gab es einen Vortrag von einem bekannten Theologen, Richard Mouw, zu dem Joanthan, Charlotte und Morgana gegangen sind.  Sie fanden den Vortrag anregend und interessant, doch fehlte ihnen ein wenig eine Schlußfolgerung aus den vorgetragenen Gedanken.  Wegen der Hitze hat Flora draußen in der Babybadewanne geplantscht.  Peter war abends beim College, weil er noch unterrichten mußte, und so haben wir ein Mutter-Kinder (junge Erwachsene) Abendbrot gehabt.  Nach dem Abendbrot sind wir dann noch spazieren gegangen, damit wir uns ein wenig abkühlen konnten.  Flora und Peter sind aber zu Hause geblieben.  Wir haben viele Kröten und Frösche auf der Straße gefunden.  Die haben wir dann vor den Autos gerettet.  Danach gab es noch ein Kniffelspiel und jetzt unterhalten sich Leute oder arbeiten.  Wir haben so viel gemacht, daß ich kaum Fotos gemacht habe.  Hier sind aber die zwei, die ich gemacht habe.  Morgen wollen wir zu einem Amischladen fahren (ohne Peter, sonst passen wir nicht in das Auto).  Am Nachmittag habe ich Sprechstunde mit den Studenten.  Es soll wieder heiß werden, aber dann wird auch bald hier eher herbstliches Wetter einziehen.                


  1. Yes, it's very hot here also. We have the fan in the window again. I don't think fall will visit here for another two weeks.

    It sounds like it was a very nice day, albeit a bit hot :) I guess the frogs and toads found the late summer heat confusing! I think I'm acclimating . . but it doesn't feel like summer will ever end. I really wish I could send this weather to San!

    Do you like your classes in the afternoon? I think it would be so much nicer. That was a high compliment from Flora! I'm glad all are working well together and Miriam's hair is funny :)

    1. It is much cooler now, but was hot today. In a few weeks we will complain about the bad weather/cool temperatures :).

      I had never seen so many frogs and toads out and about. Very strange to say the least. Yes, her area of Great Britain seems to have the "real" British weather. That can be very depressing.

      Oh yes, this is much better. You see, before I had not choice about when to teach my class due to the students from the music department. But they have a new head and he is much more flexible than the old one. Now the students are able to take my class in the afternoon.

      First Jonathan was wearing this wig, but I was too slow with my camera. Charlotte thought he looked hilarious and the manager of the bookstore, a friend of ours, thought he looked terrific.

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    1. Fixed it, I guess I was already thinking about our plans for today.


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