Thursday, September 17, 2015

Booksale and River Play/Buchverkauf und Flußspiele

This morning Veronika and Miriam were winding one skein of the wonderful yarn Morgana gave us.  Miriam is knitting with it right now.  It is a project from the book Knitting, also a present from Morgana.

Heute morgen haben Veronika und Miriam einen Strang Wolle, die Morgana uns mitgebracht hat, zu einem Garnknäul gewickelt.  Jetzt strickt Miriam etwas aus einem Strickbuch, das uns auch Morgana geschenkt hat.  

Then there was the library's book sale in the afternoon.  It was held at the fire hall.  We did not find much, but I picked up a book illustrated by Barbara Cooney, called Shaun and the Boat.  

Am Nachmittag konnte man alte Bücher der Bücherei in der Feuerwehrwache kaufen.  Ich habe nicht so viel gefunden, aber es gab ein Buch der Illustratorin Barbara Cooney.  Auf Deutsch gibt es ein anderes Buch, das sie auch bebildert hat, und das Peter und der Wolf heißt.  

After the book sale we drove on to meet the Germans that are vacationing in the area.  They were from the former East of Germany.  We walked alongside the river and had a nice time exchanging experiences.  This was their first time in the U.S.  They were amazed how cheap gasoline is here, how few European cars there were, how puzzling the food was, how thin the walls of the houses were, that there was a sale tax that was added to the price at the cash register, and many more things.  While the adults were chatting, the children played in the river.

Nach dem Buchverkauf ging es weiter, um die Deutschen, die hier Urlaub machen, zu treffen.  Sie kamen aus dem ehemaligen Osten und waren zum ersten Mal hier.  Wir tauschten so aus, was einem eigenartig und neu vorkommt, wenn man aus Europa stammt.  Dazu gehörten u.a. das billige Benzin, die Automarken hier (kaum europäische Autos), die dünnen Mauern der Häuser, und die Steuer, die bei allem, was man kauft, an der Kasse noch dazukommt.  Während die Erwachsenen sich unterhalten haben, spielten die Kinder im Fluß.  

Reached the other bank!
Sie hat das andere Ufer erreicht!

Some evening activities:
Einige Abendaktivitäten:

Knitting and soapstone carving (Charlotte did not want me to take a picture.)
Stricken und Specksteinbearbeitung (Charlotte wollte nicht, daß ich fotografiere.)

And now there is still Latin.  Jonathan and Charlotte are finishing Henle I this school year and will have two quizzes tomorrow.  We are very blessed to be able to continue Latin with our Swiss/Californian Latin teacher.  He is teaching Jonathan's and Charlotte's Latin class online this year and so we are having the same teacher!  I should prepare my German class for tomorrow now.  After all, my students will have a German quiz :).  

Und jetzt wird noch Latein gemacht.  Jonathan und Charlotte machen die zweite Hälfte ihres Lateinbuches dieses Schuljahr.  Morgen haben sie zwei Tests.  Wir haben ganz großes Glück gehabt, daß wir mit unserem Schweizer/kalifornischen Lateinlehrer weitermachen können.  Er unterrichtet Charlottes und Jonathans Lateinklasse dieses Jahr als online Klasse, und so können wir trotz der Entfernung mit ihm weitermachen!  Jetzt muß ich mein Deutschseminar vorbereiten.  Meine Studenten haben morgen auch einen Vokabeltest.    


  1. Aw that is not like Charlotte, hiding behind a music sheet! She must have been feeling out of sorts :-( Hope she has had a better day today and please let her know that i am looking forward to seeing her wear her socks sometime soon :-)

    San xx

    1. I think she is hiding behind her Latin vocab list. She was tired of my taking her picture. She got 100% on her Latin quizzes, so her studying paid off. Tonight she is sewing her pointe shoes, but her she did finish the heel turn of her sock the other day.

  2. I get looks like that from Chanda too :)

    It's nice to see them knitting . . Morgana was wondering if Miriam is starting mittens? If you have questions you should write or call.

    I love library book sales. Shaun and the Boat looks good. I also enjoyed hearing about your visit with your new German neighbors. It's not easy getting used to different places :)

    Congratulations to Charlotte and Jonathan for continuing with their Latin, and good luck on their quiz. They do very well with it. I wish I was more firm with Chanda or that she was more motivated, but at least she is motivated to work on her math. I'll probably get after her . . the week after next. We'll be visiting my sister on the Equinox as it's her birthday and then the day after is my parent's 65th wedding anniversary. We'll go up and celebrate with everyone and probably not come back until Sunday, which is Chanda's Nutcracker audition day.

    Is Charlotte working on her sock there? It's so great if she is!!! When I began my first pair of knitted socks I was sure that I would knit hundreds of them!!! Of course I haven't :P

    1. Must be because they are so close in age :). Miriam says it is a secret what she is knitting. She is using the American way to do her new project. I really wonder what it will be. Today she is not feeling well, so I am not sure if she will be able to work on it tomorrow.

      These Germans were just visiting the area. They are now in Pennsylvania and will be flying back home next week. They tried to teach Charlotte Russian. Having grown up in the former East, they all had to learn Russian in school.

      They both scored 100% on their quizzes. They have another quiz this week. Without the class, they would not do so much Latin. That was our problem before. I am too busy to keep up with all those languages. I am doing Latin with Veronika and Miriam on a regular basis now, but Jonathan and Charlotte are in the hands of Mr. E. I am glad that we can do this. They complain a bit, but the class is just perfect for them. Mr. E. is a very dynamic person and has posted lots of videos they have to watch. He moves rather quickly, but that is what they need at this point.

      Happy birthday to your sister!! A nice time to have a birthday. Will it be a big celebration? Is Greg also going?

      Yes, she is working on her second sock. I think Morgana also has a sock she would like to finish. They started some kind of competition, I believe. They both want to be done with those socks by Christmas.


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