Saturday, September 12, 2015

Good-bye!/Auf Wiedersehen!

We had a relaxed morning with pancakes, flute playing (I did play too), and some more knitting.  Then it was time to say good-bye.  Peter and all children drove to Rochester and left me at home (there was no room in the car and I had work on a "Schultüte" for Flora.  They stopped for lunch at Wegmans and then continued on to the railroad station.  Flora and Jonathan took some pictures.

Wir hatten einen ganz gemütlichen Morgen mit Pfannkuchen, Querflötenspiel (ich habe auch gespielt) und noch mehr Stricken.  Dann hieß es Abschied nehmen.  Peter und alle Kinder sind nach Rochester zum Bahnhof gefahren und haben mich zu Hause gelassen (es gab im Auto keinen Platz mehr und außerdem mußte noch eine Schultüte gebastelt werden).  Unterwegs haben sie gegessen und sind dann beim Bahnhof angekommen.  Flora und Jonathan haben einige Fotos gemacht.  

 Wrong train
Falscher Zug

Flora took these videos of a freight train.  The train was very long.  
Flora hat diese Videos von einem Güterzug gemacht.  Er war sehr lang.  

 Texting her Mama that the train was late
Schnell eine SMS an die Mama schicken, weil der Zug Verspätung hatte.



Heron, on the way home
Auf dem Nachhauseweg, ein Reiher

Heron eating fish
Reiher frißt eine Fisch.


  1. Auf dem SMS-Foto sieht Veronika ganz traurig aus... Es haben sich wohl alle so gut miteinander verstanden und eine feine Zeit gehabt. Hoffentlich habt ihr bald wieder Gelegenheit, euch wieder zu sehen!

    1. Ja, wir haben alle gut zusammengepaßt. Veronika ist immer sehr schüchtern mit fremden Leuten, aber mit Morgana war das anders. Es war schon traurig, daß sie wieder weggefahren ist. Wir wohnen ja "nur" sechs Stunden voneinander entfernt. Vielleicht ergibt sich bald wieder eine Gelegenheit.

  2. Hello Eva,

    Flora's movie making skills are becoming very good! That was a long freight train . . I remember these long trains from when I traveled cross country with my parents years ago.

    Morgana was happy to be able to make a sound on the flute! She also said that you and Charlotte played so beautifully. It was very nice :) Maybe one day I will get to hear you play :)

    It's fun (and sad!) seeing the good-bye pictures. Life is filled with many precious moments. They all look very happy and cozy together. Your girls' braids are lovely and just like my girls at a similar age. So nice to see! And thank you to everyone there for such a warm send-off for Morgana.

    We are getting ready for a family excursion up to the Cloisters now. I wish Korrina could go but she has work at 1:30. However, the rest of us are looking forward to a family outing.

    I will miss having Morgana with all of you! I am also so happy to have her home. Isn't that funny?

    Have a very wonderful Sunday :) We send love to all of you from all of us.


    1. Yes, not so jerky anymore, right? Yes, that was one of the first things she told me when she got back home, how long the train was.

      I am glad Morgana liked our playing. I have not played much since my days at Notre Dame where I played in church. That is about 20 years ago.

      I think everybody was sad to see her go. We are glad she got home safely. Flora just put on one of the vests you sent in one of your clothing packages. She thought maybe Morgana used to wear it.

      I completely understand about being happy for Morgana to be with us, but of course you are happy to have her back as well! After all, she is your girl (young lady). Have a fun trip to the Cloisters. We are not doing anything today. We already went to church. Jonathan taught a religion class and Charlotte took a confirmation class before Mass. Then we had lunch at the cafeteria. Peter is taking a nap and I am doing German and homeschooling preparation. I think Charlotte and Flora are going outside to play. Miriam and Veronika are playing dress up. I am not sure what Jonathan is doing, he is upstairs. We just had some apple/pear/plum cake. I had meant to bake it while Morgana was here, but never had a chance. Next time :)!

      Love to you all also.

    2. Yes, Flora is right, I'm sure Morgana did wear the vest. They all had turns with everything!

      It was a busy Sunday morning for a lot of you. It's nice that it was a quiet afternoon. I think naps are so healthy to do in the middle of the day! I wish we made more time for them. Your apple/pear/plum cake looks so good that I feel inspired to make one too :)

      Sweet dreams! I need to go to sleep now too . . Chanda's coop Waldorf class begins tomorrow and I was prepping for the lunch this evening.

    3. That will make Flora happy.

      Peter is working quite a bit this semester, I am glad he took a nap. I always take a ten minute nap after lunch. So sorry Morgana missed the cake.

      How was the coop?

    4. I finally posted . . it was very nice. I keep meaning to put up a little more info about the Iroquois . .

    5. I am glad it went well. They all looked happily engaged :).

  3. So many happy memories and plenty of German practise! Veronika looked quite sad to see Morgana go. Hope you have had a really lovely weekend

    San x

    1. Yes, lots of German and also German reading. I think she was quite sad. She is a bit shy with people she does not know, but if she decides to like a person, she can become quite attached. Today was really gray and cold. Some of us have gotten a cold. The heat went on in the afternoon, but it is supposed to get warmer again.

  4. Der Abschied scheint nicht leicht gefallen zu sein.
    Das ist wirklich ein langer Güterzug, über 2 min. lang?!
    Super Beobachtung des fischenden Reihers.
    Hast du die Tüte fertig gekriegt?

    1. Ja, es war schade, daß sie wieder weg mußte. Die Züge sind hier oft so lang, sie scheinen gar nicht aufzuhören. Ja, die Tüte ist fertig. Morgen fülle ich sie und dann wird sie verschenkt.

    2. Und die Tüte sieht auch wunderschön aus! Habe sie auf dem Blog gesehen.
      E. hat mir auch bestätigt, dass die Züge bei euch oft unglaublich lang sind und von mehreren Lokomotiven gezogen werden.

    3. Ich glaube, daß Flora sehr glücklich damit war. Ja, es gibt oft mehrere Loks vorne, einige in der Mitte und mehrere hinten. Das ist beonders im Gebirge wichtig. Toll, daß E. wieder beim Bahnhof mithelfen kann.


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