Friday, September 11, 2015

More Excursions/Mehr Ausflüge

Yesterday was the only day of the week where I did not have to be on campus.  So we went on a longer trip, stopping at the Waldorf school and also visiting Vidler's.

Gestern war der einzige Tag, an dem ich nicht beim College sein mußte, und so gab es Zeit für einen längeren Ausflug.  Erst haben wir bei der Waldorfschule angehalten und dan Vidler's besucht, was ein altes Kaufhaus ist.  

 But before we left, there was some time for knitting: Miriam is also working on a doll's purse.
Aber bevor wir weggefahren sind, wurde nochmal gestrickt: Miriam strickt auch eine Handtasche für ihre Puppe.

 Store at the Waldorf school
Laden der Waldorfschule

 Display case

 In front of the Waldorf school
Vor der Waldorfschule

 Looking at all the wonderful treasures to be found at Vidler's
Wir schauen uns all die Schätze an, die man bei Vidler's finden kann.

 Riding the horse

 Lunch at Taste
Mittagessen bei Taste

 Flora and Morgana are enjoying a game of checkers.
Hier spielen Morgana und Flora mit Freuden ein Damespiel.

In front of the yarn store
Vor dem Wollgeschäft

 Finding our car
Zurück zum Auto

Driving by Millard Fillmore's house
Am Haus des amerikansichen Präsidenten Millard Fillmore vorbei

Then we had to hurry back because we were going to have tea with my teaching assistant from last year.

Dann mußten wir uns beeilen, nach Hause zu kommen, weil wir uns zum Kaffeetrinken mit meiner Deutschassistentin von letztem Jahr verabredet hatten.

Drinking East Frisian tea with Judith and talking lots of German.
Wir trinken Ostfriesentee mit Judith und reden viel Deutsch.

We were all up kind of late, due to the strong tea in the afternoon.  Jonathan, Charlotte, and Morgana also participated in the first class of the online literature class Jonathan is taking with the Center for Lit.  He is doing World Literature this year.

Abends sind wir alle erst ziemlich spät ins Bett gekommen, weil wir so starken Tee am Nachmittag getrunken haben.  Jonathan, Charlotte und Morgana haben auch an der ersten Klasse des Literaturzentrums teilgenommen.  Jonathan macht dort dieses Jahr Weltliteratur.  

Today, we had the morning free, so we drove to Letchworth Park.

Heute morgen hatten wir frei und so sind wir zu Letchworth Park gefahren.  

 Beautiful flowers
Wunderschöne Blumen

 The Middle Falls
Die mittleren Wasserfälle

 Glen Iris Inn
Gasthof Glen Iris

 Gedenktafel für William Pryor Letchworth, dem Gründer des Parks

 Watching the water
Wir schauen das Wasser an

 Walking closer to the Falls
Wir gehen näher an die Wasserfälle heran

 Watching turkey vultures over the gorge
Wir beobachten Truthahngeier über der Schlucht.

 One was perched on a rock
Einer saß auf einem Felsen

Then it was time for finding Mary Jemison's house and grave and also the Council House of the Seneca Indians.

Dann wollten wir noch das Grab und Haus von Mary Jemison finden.  In der Nähe steht auch das "Rathaus" der Seneca Indianer.   

 Originale Tür ihres Hauses

 Grave with statue
Grab mit Statue

 Diesen Schwarznußbaum hat Mary Jemisons Enkel gepflanzt.

 Her house
Ihr Haus

 Council House

Grave of the area's last living Seneca Indian, Copperhead
Grab des letzten Senecaindianers der Kupferkopf hieß und in dieser Gegend gewohnt hat.  

Back home we made lunch and then Morgana accompanied me to my German class.  She spoke in front of the students about her time in Austria and helped during group work in class.  

Zu Hause haben wir Mittagessen gekocht.  Dann ist Morgana mit mir zu meinem Deutschseminar gekommen.  Sie hat den Studenten von ihrer Zeit in Österreich erzählt und danach bei Gruppenaktivitäten geholfen.  

After class we met with the rest of the family at the college cafe.  There we ran into Charlotte's flute teacher.  We hope to set up lessons with her again.   

Nach dem Seminar haben wir uns mit dem Rest der Familie im Collegecafé getroffen.  Wir wollen mir ihr wieder Stunden vereinbaren.

Now it is time to pack for Morgana.  Charlotte is "helping."  It will be sad to see her go.  We had such a fun and wonderful week.

Jetzt muß Morgana packen.  Charlotte "hilft".  Es wird traurig sein, wenn sie wieder weg ist.  Wir hatten eine lustige und wunderschöne Woche zusammen.  

P.S. Here are the pictures of Mark Twain's grave from Wednesday.
P.S. Und hier noch die Fotos von Mark Twains Grab vom Mittwoch.

 Grave of his wife
Grab seiner Frau

German inscription at the bottom
Deutsche Inschrift ganz unten


  1. So many fun and wonderful and lovely places to visit! Thanks so much for showing her your beautiful world! I was very excited to see all of you visiting Mary Jemison's grave and to see that big beautiful tree her grandson planted, and also the council house. Lois Lenski's biography about her has touched me greatly and it's very moving to see these remnants of her life and of how life used to be many years ago . . and also to see Mark Twain's gravesite! I've been armchair traveling :) These were very special field trips, Eva. It's the most fun way to learn!

    1. I think she enjoyed all the places we went to and for the rest of us it was a treat to show her our part of NYS.

      They are about to leave for Rochester in 15 minutes. I will be staying home to work on a "Schultüte" for Flora, but everybody else is going. They will stop at Wegmans for lunch and then drive on to the station.

      We had pancakes for breakfast, read some books, played flute, and knitted this morning. It is cold and raining.

    2. (It's nice to see the dress on Veronika, and Millard Fillmore's house looks cozy).

      I hope you got the work done that you wanted to :) It sounds like a very nice morning. Greg is on his way to meet her now . . I think her train is due a little early, which is interesting because it left late.

      It's been a very cool and grey day . . very different from what we've been experiencing. I guess autumn is really on it's way. Sometimes it's hard to believe when we're melting and sweltering :)

      Have a good night, Eva. I can't wait to hear all her stories :)

    3. Today Miriam was wearing Chanda's brown jacket :).

      Yes, I finished the "Schultüte," so Flora can really have her official first day of school. They saw her boarding the train, so she should come soon. Yes, the train was late and was afraid that it might also get into NYC late, but it is early! I read on the Amtrak website that there are doing repairs on the tracks between Buffalo and NYC. Maybe not this afternoon? I am still waiting for everybody to come back. They stopped at a ballet store to get slippers for Flora, pointe shoes for Charlotte, and a new leotard for Veronika. They also stopped a a fabric store to get some fabric for Miriam. She wants to hand-sew a skirt for herself.

      It rained all day long, a very gray and unfriendly day. So I guess our weather was about the same.

      Good night to you too, we will all miss Morgana tonight. Say "Gute Nacht" to her from us.

    4. Everybody just got home, almost the same time Morgana will be home :). Flora just showed me some pictures she took of Morgana's departure in Rochester. They were all very silly :).

    5. Oh, and I guess the train is not early anymore, too bad.

    6. It was still ten minutes early I think, which I was surprised at. I was wondering how they had made up the time! Yes, it was so nice to see her and to hear all the warm wishes from your part of New York :) She really had a lovely time and came in very happy. I said from the photos you posted that she fit right in. She could be a sister or cousin. She does look very German I think. I have the light skin, but I have the little face of my Sicilian ancestors from my dad's side of the family.

      There's always ballet supplies to get! Miriam sounds very ambitious. I hope she does well with her skirt :)

      Good night Eva :)

    7. P.S. I did notice the brown jacket on Miriam!

    8. Maybe it is the same as the flights from here to NYC. They can leave half an hour late, but still get there early. We got Morgana's pretty thank-you note yesterday. Please tell her we loved it. She does look a bit European, that is true. Peter's grandmother always used to say that all my girls look very German, not at all like Peter's side of the family.

      Right now, Miriam is first finishing a bag, but we already washed her skirt fabric. I hope she will not get discouraged by the project.

  2. In diesen Waldorfschule-Laden würde ich gerne mal gehen!

    1. Da kann man lange stöbern. Die Dame, die uns die Sachen verkauft hat, ist die Mutter eines Mädchens, das mit uns mal Spielgruppe gemacht hat. Das ist aber schon über zehn Jahre her :).


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