Sunday, September 6, 2015


We had breakfast with chocolate scones and later went to church.  Jonathan was an alter boy.  Peter, Veronika, and Charlotte sang in the choir.  We had a short chat with my friend Sarah and her children.  Then it was time for lunch at the cafeteria.  One of my new students was also there and greeted me in German.  That was quite an accomplishment, I thought, because so far we have only had two classes of German.

Es gab Schokoladenbrötchen zum Frühstück und später sind wir alle zur Kirche gefahren.  Jonathan war Meßdiener und Veronika, Peter und Charlotte haben im Chor gesungen.  Anschließend haben wir uns noch mit meiner Freundin Sarah und ihren Kindern unterhalten.  Nach der Kirche gab es Mittagessen in der Mensa.  Eine Studentin von mir war auch da und hat mich auf Deutsch gegrüßt.  Das fand ich beeindruckend, weil die Studenten erst zwei Unterrichtsstunden gehabt haben.

It was a hot day and a good day to play some games.  First there was Labyrinth and then chess.

Es war ein heißer Tag und ein guter Tag für ein paar Spiele.  Erst war Das verrückte Labyrinth an der Reihe, dann Schach.  

To cool off, we headed towards the ice-cream parlor in town.  The servings were huge, we could barely finish them.

Zur Abkühlung sind wir zum Eissalon spaziert.  Die Portionen waren riesig, und wir konnten das Eis kaum aufessen.  

After dinner we drove up to our community garden bed to water the plants.  It was already getting dark.

Nach dem Abendbrot sind wir noch zu unserem Gemüsebeet gefahren, um die Pflanzen zu gießen.  Es wurde schon dunkel.  

 Flora's sunflower with grasshopper
Floras Sonnenblume mit Grashüpfer

Now it is cooling off and we are about to go to bed.  We had a lovely Sunday with lots of German.

Jetzt wird es ein wenig kühler, und wir gehen bald zu Bett.  Es war ein schöner Sonntag, und wir haben viel Deutsch gesprochen.      


  1. Das klingt nach einem gemütlichen Sonntag. Bei uns war es gestern auch schön sonnig, aber in der Früh und Abends ist es doch schon richtig kalt.

    Einen schönen Rock trägt Charlotte auf den Fotos!

    1. Hier sind die Nächte immer noch sehr heiß und man kann schlecht schlafen. Ich glaube, in Deutschland ist es auch sehr kühl, nicht nur nachts, Ihr seid dann so dazwischen :).

      Charlotte hat sich über das Rockkompliment gefreut. Sie hat ihn diesen Sommer neu bekommen.

  2. Good morning Eva! It was not too hot for us yesterday. Today it's supposed to go up to 88, but then back down to 75 within a few hours. I am very happy about this! I feel so energetic again! I feel as if I've finally exited the steam room after trying to get out for ages!!! I hope it cools off again for you as I know you have a lot to do :)

    What a lovely Sunday! And it's so nice to see Morgana enjoying the day with all of you! (It also feels strange to see her in the pictures!) I can't wait to hear all her stories when she returns :) I had also mentioned your community garden bed to her, so I'm glad she was able to visit with you.

    Have a good Labor day Monday, though I know Houghton does not honor it! You had class today, right?

    Oh! Congrats to your student! That was very intrepid of him or her to greet you in German :) And please tell Flora that I like her pictures very much.

    Hugs to all of you . . xoxo

    1. Good morning. I guess this is one of those rare days when you have cooler summer temperatures :). Today there is a slight breeze and we went for an early walk this morning to visit the campus bookstore.

      I think Morgana is having a wonderful time. Right now she is playing dollhouse with Flora. She also read German books to Flora. We found her a book with poems by Goehte in my office. She has been reading that and also in the magazine "German Life." Our community garden bed is pretty sad looking these days. We did not put enough work into it. But there should be some cantaloupe coming soon.

      Yes, she is very eager to learn. She is only 17 and seems to be very smart. She has been homeschooled . . .

      I will let Flora know, she is so excited that her sunflowers bloom and that the grasshopper visited them.

      This afternoon, Jonathan, Charlotte, and Morgana will attend a lecture by Richard Mouw, a guest speaker, who is here this week. So she is getting a taste of college (cafeteria, bookstore, campus walks, greenhouse on campus, and on Wednesday she will come to class with me).

      We do have classes today, but I am teaching in the afternoons this semester. I thought that would work better for us. Right now I am ironing with the fan on.

      Take care, and I will post some more pictures tonight.


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