Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!/Frohes neues Jahr!

Happy New Year to everybody! Ein frohes neues Jahr wünschen wir allen!

Some things we did yesterday and today/Was wir so in den letzten Tagen gemacht haben:

  • Watching "Die Feuerzangenbowle" with Jonathan and Charlotte/"Die Feuerzangenbowle" mit Jonathan und Charlotte angesehen

  • Changing calendars/Kalender austauschen
  • Going to church/Kirchgang
  • Playing Bunco/Würfelspiel Bunco gespielt

  • Getting ready for a big snow storm that's supposed to hit our area tonight and the following days/Vorkehrungen für einen dicken Schneesturm getroffen, der über unsere Gegend heute Nacht und die folgenden Tage hereinbrechen soll
  • Rearranging the children's room to accommodate some of the new presents/Umräumen des Kinderzimmers, um einige neue Geschenke gut unterzubringen
  • Eating Coventry God Cakes, a British New Year's Day recipe, from the cookbook A Continual Feast/Verzehren von "Coventry God Cakes", einer englischen Neujahrsdelikatesse aus dem Kochbuch A Continual Feast

  • Reading two special picture books over and over again to Veronika and Flora to write a review of them here on my blog/Vorlesen von zwei neuen Bilderbüchern, die Veronika und Flora immer wieder hören wollten. Später schreibe ich über diese Bücher noch eine Rezension hier auf meinem Blog.


  • Mailing the very last Christmas letters/Wegschicken der letzten Weihnachtsbriefe
  • Finding a date to have one of Miriam's ballet friends over/Terminvereinbarung für einen Besuch von einer Ballettfreundin von Miriam
  • Wishing a happy new year to friends and relatives/Austausch von Neujahrswünschen mit Freunden und Familie


  1. Schön habt ihr's euch gemacht, liebe Eva!
    Wünsche noch einmal einen guten Jahresbeginn.
    Liebe Grüße

  2. A belated Happy New Year to you all.

    Hoping to put your card in the post this week... I've been floored by a lingering health problem and with that and Christmas/Birthday I'm not up to speed... if only I had a wind up mechanism in my back, so the kids could crank me up every now and then!!

    As always love your pictures and your sharing of family life, both good and bad!

    Love San and co xx

  3. Same to you, San! We were also pretty late this year with our cards. I hope you will recover soon. I love your wind up mechanism idea. I could use that sometimes too, especially in the morning . . .

  4. Happy New Year, Eva. And I saw all that snow you got! It's fun for the children . . I love seeing them playing in the snow forts. It is very cold again! Korrina is in Buffalo! She texted me while on the train: "I'm heading into a proper winter!"

  5. Happy New Year to you also, Dorina. Funny that Korrina is in Buffalo. I have to admit that I haven't seen very much of Buffalo during the 10 years we have lived here. What is she doing there? Is it about a six hour train ride?


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