Sunday, January 22, 2012

Catholic Stories for Boys and Girls

Our new Sunday read-aloud is the first volume of the series Catholic Stories for Boys and Girls.  They are good stories for early elementary grades and were written in the 1930's.  Neumann Press has republished them.

Jonathan has been sick for several days now.  Just a cold with a bad cough, but he is not his usual self, i.e., he doesn't talk very much!  He and Charlotte normally talk up a storm (sometimes I think they never stop).  I took the opportunity this weekend to rearrange his room.  The bed is on the other side now.  He said he really likes it this way.  We also went through every piece of paper on his desk and in other places of his room.  He has a new file box and has labeled many hanging folders for it.  Everything looks much better now.

I went for a walk today, baked peanut butter cookies, and took the healthy children to church.  By the way, do you remember Flora's peanut butter video?  If not, check it out here.  It's too funny!

Unser neues Vorlesebuch für sonntags ist der erste Band der Serie Catholic Stories for Boys and Girls.  Diese Geschichten sind gut für Grundschulkinder geeignet.  Sie sind um 1930 geschrieben worden und von Neumann Press wieder aufgelegt worden.

Jonathan ist nun schon seit mehreren Tagen krank.  Nur eine Erkältung mit starkem Husten, doch fühlt er sich auch sehr schlapp dabei.  Das führt dazu, daß er nicht viel redet.  Normalerweise reden Charlotte und Jonathan ununterbrochen (hören die denn nie auf?), doch das fällt jetzt weg.  Ich habe die Gelegenheit genutzt und Jonathans Zimmer umgeräumt.  Das Bett steht jetzt auf der anderen Seite.  Er findet das neue Arrangement wirklich gut, hat er mir gesagt.  Wir sind auch durch all seine Papierstapel gegangen und haben sie weggeheftet (er hat einen neuen kastenförmigen Aktenordner, das normale System hier in Amerika, sieht etwa so aus).  Dafür hat er lauter Mappen eigenhändig beschriftet.  Jetzt sieht alles viel besser aus.

Heute bin ich spazieren gegangen, habe Erdnußbutterkekse gebacken und habe mit den gesunden Kindern die heilige Messe mitgefeiert.  Übrigens, erinnern meine Leser sich noch an Floras "Erdnußbuttervideo"?  Wenn nicht, hier ist nochmal ein Link dazu.    


  1. The kids are almost back to normal, I on the other hand am still struggling with a nasty cough and sneezing etc. Am also constantly tired.

    The kids made scrambled eggs from the home economics for home schoolers book yesterday and a good time was had by all.

    I do remember Flora's peanut butter video and yes it was very funny.

    Hugs to you San and co xx

  2. Oh, San, when the kids are well, then the adults get it. Normally Peter stays healthy in our family, but so far I seem to have better immunity than he has. I hope that you will recover soon. Speaking of being tired, have you tried a combination of flax seed oil, evening primrose oil, lignans, and soy isoflavones? I just started a mixture of that called "Essential Woman" and it's amazing how much better I feel! It really gives you an energy boost. I just noticed that you can buy it in the U.K. here for example.

    I saw your post about the scrambled eggs yesterday, but didn't have a chance to comment. It looked great! I will "visit" soon.

  3. Danke für die Genesungswünsche, liebe C.

  4. hi! i think i would like to try that energy booster oil combination. where do you get it, eva? i thought i had a cold, but now i think it's allergies . . it's been so warm here today and yesterday!

    i hope all of us are free of sniffles, fevers and malaise soon!

    1. We buy the Barlean's Essential Woman either at the grocery store (Wegman's) or at Lucky Vitamin. Another option would be Vitacost. It's expensive, but it lasts about a month. I hope you will combat you allergies. Peter also doesn't sound very good.


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