Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cinnamon Toast/Zimttoastbrot

Miriam made breakfast this morning: She chose cinnamon toast out of her book Home Economics for Home Schoolers.

Miriam hat heute morgen Frühstück gemacht. Sie hat sich für Zimttoastbrot aus ihrem Haushaltsbuch Home Economics for Home Schoolers entschieden.

We have gotten lots of snow.  Jonathan and Charlotte went sledding with a friend.  Veronika had her ballet lesson today.  Afterwards she and Miriam and Flora also played outside.

Es hat hier viel geschneit. Jonathan und Charlotte sind mit einer Freundin Schlitten gefahren. Veronika hatte Ballettstunde. Anschließend war sie mit Miriam und Flora auch draußen, um im Schnee zu spielen.

We have been enjoying two books by Barbara Berger: Gwinna and A Lot of Otters.  Her books are very magical.

Wir freuen uns im Moment über zwei Bücher von Barbara Berger: Gwinna und A Lot of Otters.  Ihre Bücher sind einfach zauberhaft.


  1. Thanks for the book review, I've just bought the copy you mentioned and the one entitled teaching responsibility to boys. I managed to track them down to a book seller in the UK so I have no shipping costs.

    Thanks for sharing, looking forward to sharing these with the kids.

    San xx

  2. You are welcome, San. Our children are enjoying them. They are quite simple and you can always adapt the recipes and make them gluten free.

  3. oh, we love cinnamon toast! we make it quite often. i always enjoy it with a soft boiled egg. we make ours with butter, sucanat and cinnamon . . and then a moment under the broiler. is that how you do it also?


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