Friday, June 11, 2010


We've been part of a CSA for several years now.  The season has already begun and yesterday we went to pick up our vegetables and fruit.  We have a large vegetable share and a fruit share.  Later in the season we'll be able to pick some produce by ourselves.  It's great for the children to eat local foods and see where the food comes from.  Our CSA farm has some cows, horses, chickens, geese, and of course dogs and cats.  Actually our cat, Julius, comes from that farm. 

Wir gehören seit mehreren Jahren zu einem CSA Bauernhof.  Man teilt sich Land eines Bauernhofes mit anderen Leuten, der Anbau geschieht durch den Bauernhof.  Einmal in  der Woche holen wir Gemüse und Obst ab, man kann auch selber pflücken, wenn es genug zum Pflücken gibt.  Für die Kinder ist es wunderbar zu erleben, wo das Essen herkommt, wie es wächst und Obst und Gemüse aus der Gegend zu essen.  Unser CSA Bauernhof hat Kühe, Pferde, Hühner, Gänse und natürlich Hunde und Katzen.  Unser Kater Julius stammt von diesem Bauernhof. 

Sign of what owners of a large share can take./Schild, das uns sagt, was wir uns nehmen dürfen. 



Garlic scapes/Knoblauch "scapes"

Getting some garlic scapes/Veronika nimmt sich Knoblauch "scapes".

Miriam is getting one of her favorite vegetables: garlic scapes./Miriam nimmt sich eins ihrer Lieblingsgemüsesorten: Knoblauch "scapes".

Green onions/Frühlingszwiebeln

Flora is getting cilantro./Flora nimmt sich Koriander.

First strawberries/Erste Erdbeeren

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  1. Hi, We have a few farmers markets here in New Zealand, I do love your banner, cheers Marie

  2. Is that Thorpe's? We used to belong there before we moved to Lockport. Too far to drive now, but I do miss it! Such nice people, too!

  3. Hello Marie, there are quite a few farmers markets around here too, but a CSA is even more special. You pay in advance for the whole season and pick up your vegetables and/or fruit every week. You don't get to choose your produce, you have to take what grows, but it's cheaper than buying it every week at a farmers market.

    I took a peek at your creations on your blog. They are so pretty. My children would love them! I wish I had more time to do more handcraft -- maybe when the youngest is older.

  4. Mary Ann, yes that's Thorpe's Farm. They are indeed very nice. I know that some COMHS families participate in the CSA. We have to drive for an hour to get there. How far is it from Lockport?


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