Thursday, June 8, 2017

Sock Cat/Strumpfkatze

Flora is trying to sew a cat from two socks.  She received a sock animal kit for her birthday.

Flora versucht eine Katze aus zwei Strümpfen zu nähen.  Sie hat zum Geburtstag eine Bastelpackung bekommen.  

I made some baked sweet potato dollars with a green bean salad and deviled eggs for dinner.  

Zum Abendbrot habe ich heute gebackene Süßkartoffelscheiben mit einem Salat aus grünen Bohnen und russischen Eiern gemacht.  


  1. Your dinner looks delicious. I think I'll have to try it this weekend. I have green beans in the fridge. What do you put in the bean salad? I love sweet potato fries. Is that the same as the sweet potato dollars? You just roast them in the oven?

    Oh! I see a knitted napkin! If Flora finishes her cat sock, you'll have to put up a pic :)

    1. I make a dressing of about 4 tbs of extra virgin olive oil, 1-2 tbs of apple cider (Braggs), salt to taste, dill, and maple syrup to taste.
      The sweet potato dollars are sliced sweet potatoes brushed with an equal amount of melted butter and olive oil. I put them on a baking sheet, also brushed with butter and olive oil in a single layer and sprinkle them with salt. I bake them about 15-20 minutes on one side at 375 degrees and then turn them to the other side and bake them until they look done, about another 15 minutes. I normally have two baking sheets of them in the oven. The trick is to not cut them too thick or too thin, 1/4 of an inch is about right.

      Yes, that is "your" napkin. When we got home, I think it was Veronika who immediately got out your napkins when setting the table. We were all tired of paper napkins and were happy to use your napkins again.

      I will show a picture of the cat. The instructions are very vague, so I had to look up similar cats last night to know what she was supposed to be doing.

    2. Thanks Eva! Both recipes sound delicious, but wonderfully simple :)

      I'm glad you enjoy using the napkins! I found the idea for making them at the Ecovillage in Ithaca. We visited there awhile ago and had dinner in their community room with everyone. They all used cloth or knitted napkins, and the one I picked to use had an eyelet border, like the ones I now make.

    3. Where is the Ecovillage? I don't remember that from Ithaca.

  2. I too spied a Dorina napkin! Thanks for the sweet potato recipe, I will be giving that a whirl x

    1. You are welcome, there is a similar recipe in "Nourishing Traditions."


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