Friday, June 9, 2017

Learning Together/Zusammenlernen

Reading about Mary Cassatt
Ein Buch über Mary Cassatt

Three children and some "visitors" around our dining-room table: 
Drei Kinder und einige "Besucher" am Eßtisch: 


 The dolls and snake are still having their breakfast.
Die Puppen und Schlange frühstücken noch.

Writing about explorers
Ein Aufsatz über Entdecker

Researching the salmon
Materialsuche über den Lachs

 Jonathan is back from working as a math camp counselor: He had a good time, but is quite tired.
Jonathan ist wieder von seiner Arbeit im Matheferienlager zurück: Er hat viel Spaß gehabt, aber ist auch sehr müde.

Charlotte had a baby-sitter job here in town this afternoon with four children (plus one more that came over from the neighbors). 

Charlotte hat hier im Dorf am Nachmittag auf vier Kinder aufgepaßt.  Eins ist dann noch von den Nachbarn noch dazugekommen.    

 Nature walk to take a closer look at stones and rocks.
Spaziergang, um sich Steine und Felsen näher zu besehen.

 These rocks have petrified shells in them!
Diese Steine haben versteinerte Muscheln!


  1. Your house always looks so inviting! So
    I you don't mind I will find a cosy corner and read :-). We are having crazy autumnal weather here at the moment although it is meant to be baking hot by the end of the week, lol!! Xx

    1. We have lots of cozy corners, you are very welcome to pick the one you like best :). It was 31 degrees today and there are thunderstorms in the forecast for tomorrow. Maybe the heat is moving your way :).

  2. The rocks with the petrified shells are amazing!

    It looks like such a nice homeschooling day :)

    1. I first thought that somebody had glued the shells to the rock. Silly me! We do find a lot of them in this area, but I have never seen so many in one spot. It was amazing.

      It was a nice day and we are making good progress.


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